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  1. The Greatest Versus promo EVER...... I'm not even a Red Wing fan and I get goose bumps watching this.
  2. That which you described is good old-time hockey!!
  3. That's pretty weak. He looks like a little twerp, by the way.
  4. What an idiot this kid is. It's embarrassing to the nhl, that's for sure. Yet, Bettman treatsSean Avery as if he's a plague on this league. What a joke. Kane should be banished from the league.
  5. I didn't see this posted yet. Sorry if this is a repost. MESSIER'S BACK! CAPTAIN TAKES RANGERS FRONT-OFFICE JOB The Captain is back. As an apprentice. Mark Messier is rejoining the Rangers' organization as special assistant to club president Glen Sather, The Post has learned. It will mark Messier's first job in hockey -- and first full-time job, period -- since he ended his playing career following the 2003-04 season. "I couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity to move back to New York with my family, to learn from Glen and to work for the Rangers," Messier said yesterday by phone from the Bahamas. "I'm going to come in and get my feet wet and get an overview of how the business runs and how the team runs and take it from there." This move should not be interpreted as Sather hiring his successor. Messier is not the heir apparent. Rather, he is assuming the same type of apprentice position that contemporaries such as Steve Yzerman (Detroit), Cam Neely (Boston) and Al MacInnis (St. Louis) have assumed with their respective franchises. "While I believe I have a lot to offer, I know I have a lot to learn about the management and business side of the sport," Messier said. "From the hockey side, I'm going to try and get a feel for the players we have under contract, the depth of our organization, the operation in [AHL] Hartford. "I'll be going to Traverse City [Mich.] for the prospects tournament and then I'll be at camp, ready to do whatever Glen and the organization need from me, whether it's watching the Rangers or scouting other camps. I'm wide open and willing to do anything and everything." Full Story
  6. That lowlife organization deserves it.
  7. The next Original Six Stanley Cup Final would be the first one since '79 and the Rangers were in it versus Montreal. I hope the next one is the Rangers/Wings.
  8. I know. I was underscoring your point.
  9. Oh, tell us about it. We aren't fans of our management, either. LOL!!
  10. That's exactly the point. The so-called "face of the NHL" has awful sportsmanship and he shows it just about every game he plays. He is TERRIBLE for this sport.
  11. ^ Copy that from another Ranger fan here. The Wings got hosed and that isn't different from every other team that plays the Pets.
  12. Being he was captain, it was his job to be first in line in the handshake line, I think.
  13. Sorry, but I'm not a Red Wings fan, just a fan of the game overall and I am disgusted.