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  1. Yzrmn19

  2. Will YOU play this season?

    Try doing some plyometrics, it will really help with speed and power. I've been playing hockey my whole life and I never thought that in my late 20's i'd be a better skater than when I was a teenager, but I started doing plyo and noticed a huge difference. Also if you are going to incorporate cardio, definitely do interval training. Because hockey is more about short burts of energy than endurance, you will get the most benefit by doing intervals - I like to alternate 2 or 3 minutes of jogging with 1 min of sprinting.
  3. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Haha yeah there are a few that have some off numbers or spelling. Some of them seem to have trouble with Luongo as well - I have seen it a few times as "Loungo". I am really happy with the ones I ordered though. I made it a point to send a message first and make sure the spelling was right and that they jersey's had the "A" or "C" sewn on when applicable.
  4. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    I just put in my third order from www.dhgate.com. I ordered just one Zetterberg jersey at first just to see what the quality is like and I was really happy with it so have put in 2 more orders of 10 jerseys each. After showing friends and family mine, I had quite a few people who wanted some and I picked myself up a Datsyuk and Lidstrom to go along with it. Since lightinthebox.com seems to be out of stock, for those interested in getting a jersey cheap, I would recommend www.dhgate.com. Most of the sellers will charge shipping if you buy only one jersey but you can find some who will ship for free if you buy 2 or 3. I have had zero troubles ordering or communicating with the sellers. Like ebay, there are different sellers with different prices so you can shop around and there is an individual feedback program like ebay. Just wanted to post this information because I came across a few individual sites and I too was a bit skeptical about ordering from one.
  5. Winter Classic Ticket announcment

    I have been looking into the rooftop option. Some I have seen even offering free food and drink. Just wondering if there were others who have watched the games from some of these rooftop locations and what they thought about it. I also heard that they put up wind screens, making it difficult to see anything from these rooftop bars. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Thanks for the link. I just ordered the Zetterberg jersey and it came to around $70 with the cheapest shipping available. I liked that this site offered mediums because its that much less that I am going to swim in it and the jersey looked to be decent quality in the picture. I will let you know what its like when it gets here.
  7. CTV buys HNiC's theme song (purchased outright)

    Way to drop the ball CBC. A few days ago when this issue first came up I was reminded of the whole Ron McLean contract issue and figured the same thing would happen.....fans would complain by the thousands and it would all be fixed, guess not this time. It is really going to be weird watching HNIC without that song though, it is synonymous with hockey on Saturday night (heck, I even have it on my iPod)
  8. Street Vendor & places to find Merchandise

    I don't live in Michigan, so I couldnt tell you for sure, but I did run around town today to pick up both the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News and they both have advertisements in them for Dunhams and JC Penney saying that they had Offical Stanley Cup Merchandise arriving throughout the day today.
  9. Props to Lebda

    Did anyone hear his radio interview this morning on 96.3, I guess he called in this morning and was clearly very wasted. It's pretty funny. 96.3
  10. Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    For those of us who have never attended the Stanley Cup parade before and are maybe coming from out of town, I know I would really appreciate some tips from those of you who have done this before. Any info on good places to park, best places to view the parade, how early to get there, how long the festivities last etc would be really appreciated!
  11. Who retires?

    I think Drake will retire, he came back for one last shot at the cup and got it and it seems that he is ready to spend some time with his family. Not sure about Dom and Cheli, they both probably should. I mean if it were me, I would have to think that realistically at the age of 43 and 46 respectively there isnt a lot of hockey left in you, so why not go out on top?
  12. Props to Lebda

    He definitely turned his game up a few notches from the second part of the season. One can only speculate, but with the injuries forcing him and Lilja into the first defensive pairing and the with the losses the team faced maybe there was a bit of a confidence issue. Regardless, he played very solid these playoffs and made some great plays. I really think that with his speed he has a lot of potential, if he could work on his scoring touch a little I think he would do well as he would be able to come in off the point but still get back in time to prevent a possible rush. All in all, for a guy who started the playoffs as the odd man out on D, he did a great job.
  13. Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    Really looking forward to my first Stanley Cup Parade, I booked the whole week off just to be sure. Any advice on how early one should arrive?
  14. Will the Pens' whining help them get the calls tonight?

    I really dont know which way it will go. I would like to think that since its the finals they would just call the game as it is but it is the NHL so who knows. I am a little afraid about this obstruction business, I hope they dont start calling phantom calls on that one. Also, not that he would disclose all that was said, but Babcock in his press conference today said that the league met with both teams and most of the meeting was about head shots.....and we all know what team that applies to.
  15. Penguins vs Red Wings in the media coverage war

    I agree. Nothing like watching a Wings game these playoffs on CBC and have them talk about nothing but the Penguins and Sidney Crosby during both intermissions. This might be a bit of a blessing though to the Wings players. I think Babcock even said in one of his pressers that all the focus and attention will be on Crosby/Malkin leaving the Wings to just concentrate on the game and play. This reminds me of the Memoral Cup a few years ago here in London. The big hyped up game was between Corey Perry and the Knights and Crosby and the Oceanic. The Knights won and for the first time in the tournament held Crosby off the score sheet. Despite this all they did was talk about Crosby after the game, though of course not about all the diving and whining he did. From that moment on I was sick of hearing about him and I still am.