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  1. fastballspecial


  2. fastballspecial

    Crosby didn't shake our players hands?

    Crosby is still cancer in my eyes, no matter what he does. am I still allowed to dislike the Penguins and Crosby? or is that now allowed now?
  3. fastballspecial

    Marian Hossa, merged

    doubt it.
  4. fastballspecial

    Lidstroms chicago injury...

    great. spearing players in the balls. and I thought Crosby getting a Stanley Cup was a new low... oh... wait... it is.
  5. fastballspecial

    Marian Hossa, merged

    at least the Red Wings aren't handed hardware on a silver platter.
  6. fastballspecial

    Marian Hossa Discussions

    It's one thing to be upset that he's not producing. It's another to shun him or want him benched. This board is the epitome of dumb.
  7. fastballspecial

    Penguins Barely Survive for 1 More

    I agree. Can't wait to see the boys do this at home.
  8. fastballspecial


    hahahaha. yes.
  9. fastballspecial

    Describe Game 5 in one word

  10. fastballspecial

    Bettman's interview on CBC last night

    I agreed with Bettman about the salary cap topic. I think it's ridiculous to allow teams extra cap space if they are experiencing more injuries than normal. That's called MANAGING YOUR CAP SPACE. That's really the only point I agreed on with Gary. I really think that this whole "moving Phoenix" thing is just a competition to see who has bigger balls. It's almost pathetic to see grown men acting like this over a hockey team. I say they just do what's right.
  11. fastballspecial

    OMG, letter a co worker sent to the NHL

    hahahaha. I lol'd.
  12. fastballspecial

    The Wayne Gretzky Award - most goals by a team

    I think Babs was tounge in cheek when saying it should be called the Wayne Gretzky award. maybe I misunderstood.
  13. fastballspecial

    Ozzie At The Love Guru Premiere

    wtf? Parros and O'Donnel get to touch the cup??? NOT COOL, BETTMAN. NOT COOL AT ALL.
  14. fastballspecial

    Lids & Oz on The Tonight Show...?

    hahaha. wow. good sports. it's impossible to make them look bad when they are carrying around that hardware.
  15. fastballspecial

    Game 6 DVD & Extra's

    sweeeeeeeeeet. I'll d/l it and then seed. now I can relive this whenever I feel necessary.