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  1. Stefan Liv

    I know the wings drafted Liv in the 2000 draft and he played one year in Grand Rapids and one year in the UCHL before signing back in the swedish elite league. What I am wondering is if he is still wings property, and if so do you think we will ever see him here again?
  2. Brendan Smith

    Yeah that is my bad. I always forget that college hockey isnt sanctioned the same as basketball and football in college. And I wouldnt call myself a novice, just not overly involved with the sport. And I was not aware that he is known for defensive lapses and i will have to check that out. I was honestly looking for insight on the subject, so I appreciate the info. Even saying that I still see a lot of potential and i mean he is still at least 3-5 years away from playing in Detroit in my opinion. But I feel more enthusiastic about smith then I do about kindl.
  3. Brendan Smith

    I dont know if anybody else caught any of the Michigan-Wisconsin game the other day but wings draftee Brendan Smith looks like the real deal. The kid has good defensive position, can handle himself physically from playing in the rough and tumble Big Ten, and his offensive potential is very high for defenseman. He has 31 points in 25 games and is I believe a +14. I feel really good about the wings defense moving forward with kronwall, stuart and ericcson hopefully all still around to mentor both Kindl and Smith. Interested to hear what anyone else thinks about Smith as well as the future of the wings defense.
  4. McCollum

    So I'm just curious...what is everyone's opinion on our newest #1 draft pick? After watching some footage...he looks every bit the future star some are projecting him to be. Do you all think he can actually be detroit's answer for the future in goal?
  5. Wings sign Conklin: 1-year, $750K

    What does everyone thing of McCollum? Does he seem to you like a future stud in goal?
  6. Wings sign Conklin: 1-year, $750K

    I have always liked Conklin. He's a real solid goaltender and as the majority has already pointed out...he is an absolute steal for $750,000. I would also like to pose a question to everyone. Who else thinks that at best Howard will never be more than a very adequate back-up? Especially after wathcing some footage, I forsee McCollum as our future #1 guy in net after Ozzie is gone.
  7. Tootoo: Detroit has..

    You make a great point. I also believe that nobody in the NHL sticks to their game quite like the red wings. They just have so much veteran wisdom...they completely understand the deceptive tactics and they see right through it. Detroit never gets thrown off by the tootoo's and avery's of the world.
  8. Tootoo: Detroit has..

    Do you think he is just running his mouth? Or do you think there might be some truth to that? I'm kind of curious who he might be talking about. No matter what..I'm sure if nothing else it'll fire our boys up a little. What does everybody think?