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  1. You do that, we'll see who ends up with the better team ...
  2. No team would want to play the Wings in the playoffs, especially if let's say we go 8th seed and San Jose stay 1st then we'll do the biggest upset ever (maybe not ever, but you get my point) Wings in finals against Jersey or Bruins, that's for sure
  3. Yeah well, i've been going at it with a Devils fans for about an hour, i had to get it straight!
  4. Self-explanatory, just wondering if he was more of a factor in the cup win with new Jersey or in the cup win in Anaheim?
  5. seems cool to me, i'd get one for Sammy.
  6. Datsyuk - Yzerman - Zetterberg Robitaille - Federov - Hull Shanahan - Franzen - Holmstrom Bertuzzi - Helm - Eaves Lidstrom - Chelios Shneider - Larionov Bykov - Fischer Legace - Osgood
  7. Liddy - E Stuart - Lebs Rafs - Meechers should be fun to watch, don't you think?
  8. Mike Komisarek wouldn't hurt
  9. TSN, as usual
  10. You still have to admit it guys, the SkillsComp is fun! Watching AO trying his move, even knowing he'll fail, is kinda fun to me. And then again, you have the amazing Kovalev that will try to do a breakaway move. He'll fail as bad as AO.
  11. And on maple syrup!
  12. Well, count yourself lucky man: I live in Montreal. I live with it every day. Even on the buses it says "Go Habs Go! ... Welcome aboard the 67 Bus" Scary.
  13. Having Lidstrom, Kovalchuk, Ozzy & Luongo? Ha! Seriously. Lidstrom will not retire until his early/mid 40's. He's too good in a shape to do so! And, when you think about it, why have Luongo? So much money for the same results as having a less than 1mil goaltender in Conks? Because, be realistic, just because Luongo is in the line-up, Babs will change his goalie rotation system? I think not. So even if he was with the Wings, he'd play as many games as Ozzy, and have to leave the pipes to Conks (or Howard, or Time Tomas? ) So then, a lot of money for 35 - 40 games? Good luck with that. Now, to Kovalchuk ... Give all the money the man wants, he's as good as 150 points with Detroit
  14. We all know that Holland is the master in the GM world. He can do anything. So think about it ... Trade Howard for a young player (or again, good draft picks), to be able to take Hossa's place on the top line. Even if we have Leino, Abde or Helm, I'm not quite sure that they'll make it to the skill of Hossa, or to be able to play on the first line for that matter. So? Not Hossa, no Howard, but we get young, exiting players that can get the job done? I don't know about you guys, but having Kyle Turris (fictional example) get's me more happy than knowing that we we have Marian Hossa.
  15. Let's bring back Winnipeg and Quebec for good players with no homes ... Hossa, any one?