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  1. Gnredwing


  2. Gnredwing

    Mike Green

    Can anyone tell me why the Wings agreed to pay Mike Green 6 million a year? 1 goal so far, -6. Talk about a terrible contract
  3. Gnredwing

    Justin Abdelkader

    Does anyone else think Abdelkader should be out of the lineup, he is useless, all he does is get his ass kicked when he fights and doesn't do anything offensively. He makes me sick, why he is still in the lineup is beyond me!
  4. Gnredwing

    Wings in Seven

    So we will have back to back playoffs with a team overcoming a 3-0 series lead. Wings begin by winning tonight, then Sunday in San Jose they will win an overtime thriller. Back to the Joe for game 6, Johan Franzen's hat trick leads Wings past sharks while tying the series. Game 7 is tied 3-3 in third when Dan Cleary breaks the tie and the Wings hold on and Win the game and the series!!!
  5. Gnredwing

    Red Wings will win this series

    I know the Wings will win this series, thats why I am not the least bit worried. Game 3 Wednesday night is going to be huge and that victory is going to get us going and will be the Sharks demise. Once the Red Wings win this series and everyone knows I have insights to the future, you can ask me anything you want. Wings in Seven, you heard it from me first!
  6. Gnredwing

    I hate the Ducks

    I can honestly say I hate the ducks more then I ever hated the Avalanche. Atleast when the Avalanche would fight they wouldnt go after players that never fight. 2 years ago after game 6 they go after Rafalski, Pronger fights Cleary, then tonight Perry fights Datsyuk. The ducks are the biggest cowards in the league. Perry cant even win a fight with Datsyuk who has never fought before, how pathedic. I hope Perry is embarassed to look himself in the mirror, the *****!
  7. Gnredwing


    The Rangers signed Derek Boogard, who scored not one goal last year, to a 4 year deal paying him 1.65 million a year. Does anyone else think this is perhaps the worst deal of the year. Sure Boogard can fight, but thats not going to help win any games. I hate the Rangers!
  8. Gnredwing

    Wings sign Ilari Filppula 1yr/$500k

    Will Filpullas brother start the season on the roster or most likely be in Grand Rapids? I am hoping he and Valterri could play on the same line together, anyone think this will happen??
  9. Gnredwing

    What are the Pros and Cons of next season?

    Why are so many people looking at next season negative. We lost to the Sharks this year who happened to be the number 1 seed in the west, it's not like we lost to the Avalanche! Datsyuk, Zetterberg on the same line next year will certainly help with offense. Franzen back and healthy and an emerging star in Fillpula plus a healthy Dan Cleary is certainly great news! Throw Hudler and Homer into the mix you've got 2 lines most teams would love to have. Howard will only get better, and you have Lidstrom coming back! I havent been looking foward to a season as much as next season for a long time! And enough of this old crap, ever sine 02 the Wings have been "too old" enough already. We won in 02 and then again in 08, the players are all very capable of playing the game or they wouldnt be. Go Wings!!
  10. Gnredwing

    My Nightmare last night!

    Last night I had a dream that back in the 08 finals Hossa actually scored on the last second shot and the Penguins won game 6 in overtime. Then game 7 the Penguins won 5-0 and Ozzy was pulled. The dream was so realistic at first I was like I cannot believe the Wings lost back to back finals! Imagine that was true though, how much would that have sucked!! Thankfully it was just a dream
  11. Gnredwing

    Thank you Jason Williams

    Thank you Williams for missing the net by 50 feet and leading to the Sharks game winner. It was great to have you back in the lineup. Please do not come back next year, from all Red Wing fans!
  12. Gnredwing

    WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

    Franzen game winner, Wings win!!!
  13. Gnredwing

    Red Wings will win game 2

    Sucks to lose game 1 but the series will be tied 1-1 after Sunday. Go Wings!!
  14. Gnredwing

    Todd, Big Bad, Bertuzzi!

    What I find funny is if Bertuzzi didnt rack up a lot of points vs Phoenix I bet a lot of responses would be Bertuzzi should of been banned from the league and how he sucks and hes just a waste of space!
  15. Gnredwing

    Bring on the Sharks --- Again!

    My sources are telling me Franzen is going to play great vs the Sharks. He will have 4 goals in the series. GO WINGS GO!!!