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  1. Look, Ma, Vancouver is just like home in Baghdad!
  2. Some players make the team and some teams make the player. Jagr is the latter.
  3. If Bettman is so worried about slime on the ice, then he should stay the hell off of it. Man, I'd hate to be a janitor for his office after he slithers out.
  4. Frank Buckles, America's last WWI veteran, turned 110 on February 1st. He lives in West Virginia. His daughter reads all of his mail to him. On top of being a WWI vet, he was captured by the Japanese during WWII while he was working as a shipping company in the Philippines. He spent 3 years as their prisoner, living with captured soldiers in a POW camp.
  5. Hahahaha. Nice. Some pronounce it Wilkes-Barrie, but it's Wilkes-Barre and pronounced wilks-bear (sometimes wooks-bear). I live 5 miles away, but we get a couple of feet closer every year because Wilkes-Barre sucks.
  6. Why? Well, it's easy. They're not Philadelphia. Anybody who calls Detroit a s***hole only does it because they haven't been to Philly yet. As far as the booing of our anthem, when everyone in the U.S. shows the proper respect for our own anthem, then maybe we'll have room to ***** other country's for not doing it. I mean, come on, they're French-Canadians. That, of course, means they're neither French (they're not from France) nor Canadian (at least they don't want to be). My taste will change if (when) Philly wins the series and that will only be because I don't want to see Chicago win the Cup. To see a player go to the final 3 years in a row, each year on a different team, and have the team lose in the final would be awesome to see. I don't have any hate for Hossa, I just thing it's pretty amazing that he's going to the final for the third time in three years and could possibly lose again. If it happens, he'll be on the ice trying to slit his wrists with his skate. I won't be rooting for Philly so much as I'll be rooting against Chicago.
  7. Need one from last years finals where Olczyk notices the six penguins- What if NHL officials could count?
  8. Security: "Stop the fight?" Supervisor: "Hang on a minute, our guys winnin'"
  9. I have to step in on this. The people who sit next to me would disagree. At least the Mrs. would. They're from the Bronx and the husband is retired from the Rangers organization. The Islanders ARE NOT from the city, they're from the island, which is not the city. I made that mistake in front of her once, ONCE! This "little old lady" gave it to me! So, please, don't make the mistake of saying the Islanders are from the city!
  10. OK, just tell me where the hell these young players with "hunger" are! 'Cause they sure as s*** didn't show up tonight. As a matter of fact, at least one "hungry" player put the puck on Talbot's stick right in front of the goal. Please don't start with the "get rid of the old guys" crap, because the "kids" ain't doing it. Unless you look back and mean handing the puck to the other team in front of the goal. It takes veterans to teach the young players. Changes need to be made, no doubt. Some old AND some young players need to be moving along and if you really want to be serious, Nick should be thinking long and hard about what he wants to do, too.
  11. Wait! You need a reason? Guys, quick, I need three reasons!
  12. He can hang out at my house!
  13. Good sweet God! I'm sooo happy the rest of you get to see what I have to deal with all the time. I'm surrounded by these morons. Penguins fans have no idea there was hockey before the early 90's . Arghhh! If Crosby s*** on the ice, they'd talk about how it was the best s*** ever! If Dats got stabbed by Orpik and bled all over the ice, they'd be screaming it was a dive and the refs screwed them! If the Pens do pull it out in 7, you'll hear how this was vindication for last year and proves them to be the best team ever and last year was a fluke. Man, I need my meds!
  14. They play it from the part; The home team wins the good old hockey game... Kind of appropriate, not like they play the whole song.