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  1. Coming from a guy who saw the Norway-Switzerland game in Canada Hockey Place, this guy appears to be the real deal. The whole game I likened him to a much smaller Ovi but with obviously a less scoring touch. Speed, would throw hits, extremely agile and tricky with the puck and was able to find his teammate Vikingstad a few times where a lot wouldn't be able to. That being said, while I would like to give him a shot, I agree with others who say put him in GR for a year, and he should be able to tear it up. Then see what happens.
  2. I love watching Grapes on HNIC. Having him on ESPN will have no downside for fans in the US (unless you hate him beforehand). He might gain some interest in hockey for people, and he might attract a little bit of interest from ESPN execs ie. trying to get games back on there. For people who don't see him often, this will be a big step up from just Melrose...although anyone would help Melrose. ANYONE.
  3. "Logo Hunter", haha, love it! Also can't hit the broad side of a barn, but that's another story. I say if we win the first period, we win the game. 4-3 Wings (Dats, Franzen, Rafalski, Drake)
  4. Although I'm sure this has been said in this thread, Awesome. Just awesome.
  5. Now we use a timeout? If it works I will name my future first child after Babs.
  6. Sammy I hate you. What the hell was that.
  7. "I'm Shipping Up To Boston"- Dropkick Murphys If I'm not mistaken...
  8. Sammy with an accidental "good defensive play". Atta boy.
  9. Sammy...I can't say I'm surprised
  10. Datsyuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks, ya I can see that haha. Ah well, we all have a reason...I've wanted to bash my head in a few times during this game. Even if we don't win, as long as we steal some momentum at the end we have a good shot back in Detroit on Friday.
  12. Hey everyone, First post from a lifelong fan from Vancouver. I am just as frustrated by the Wings play in Nashville so far, but with the change in inserting Ozzie and the way the second ended (minus the shorthanded 2 on 1), I have faith that we can pull it off if we can get an early one and get momentum long as we don't let one in after a blink of an eye...again.