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  1. NHL Out To Kill Tradition

    yea that would be called the whining baby league
  2. NHL Out To Kill Tradition

    maybe this armpit hicktown team with tootoo will beat ur a**
  3. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    ok everyone has their own opinion but i was at game 3 and we were on our feet when we were down when we were tied and when we won starting 2nd period and throughout the rest of the game.
  4. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    yea i have watched Hasek play well and not so good but it just seems as soon as things dont go Detroits way everyone falls apart and starts whining and blaming everyone instead of stepping up and wanting it more than the other team, Yea we had a fire sale and almost lost our team (granted were in the south and hockey just isnt a sport most people care about down here) but we stepped up and now after a fire sale and almost losing the team find our way to playoffs and tied 2-2. Ill be sure and be at the rink which in my opinion for a team that was about to go a more energetic, fun place to watch a hockey game than JLA, and yes i have been to the Joe in my Mustard jersey so i know the atmosphere in both
  5. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    So if your the better team and get beat by a lesser team doesnt that mean you dont want it as bad as we do, even if you got rid of hasek, the next game when osgood let a soft one in you would be bashing him and looking to get rid of him too??
  6. Red Wings Live on FSND

    yea Im the friend dont hate on our catfish or tootoo whistle
  7. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    maybe just me but these stats are looking good for hasek Chris Osgood DET 43 27 9 4 976 84 2.09 892 .914 4 0 3 0 2,408:53 2 Dominik Hasek DET 41 27 10 3 855 84 2.14 771 .902 5 0 1 12 2,350:04
  8. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    maybe he would like a mustard color jersey
  9. Will You Be Surprised If We Lose?

    So evidently nashville doesnt suck or is not the worst team since yall are bashing us and we just took back our 2 games, yes i will admit you have better players but all the whining and moaning on this site is horrible, what ever happened to sticking by your team (Hasek), the guy played great all season then loses a couple and now he is washed up. If Detroit fans hate him so much why dont you trade him to nashville, im sure will be willing to take him.