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  1. CincyWINGnut14

  2. Congrats Pens, Good Season Wings...

    Congrats pens, good season wings. Lets win it next year
  3. Ducks fans crying about Game Winning goal.

    I hope ducks fans ***** about this goal for a long time. The better team won tonight plain and simple. Give the Ducks credit they played a good series. But all in all f*** the ducks and GO WINGS!
  4. What Game 7 Means....

    victory! We only care about who wins game 7 not who loses it... LETS GO WINGS!!
  5. Wings' Draper a last-minute decision for Game 7

    If Draper is back tonight that's huge for us, just have to see who Babcock decides to sit. I'm thinking Abdelkader sits.
  6. video clip of redmond/daniels?

    where at in SW Ohio?
  7. Anyone Else Just Not Want To Go To Bed?

    No sleep for me, I just keep watching the celebration and the presentation of the Cup. Thanks to DVR.
  8. Pitt's Third Goal

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Therrien ***** and complain about the officiating in his press conference after game 2? Thats right he did. He didn't want to give the Wings credit for outplaying them in games 1 and 2. What did Babcock do during his press conference after game 3? gave credit to the Penguins when credit was due. Just goes to show how much more class Babcock has over Therrien.
  9. Pens still alive...

    Penguins did deserve to win, they capitalized on the Wings turnovers. Something your supposed to do. Plain and simple. Lets just focus on game 4 Saturday night. GO WINGS!
  10. Homer

    Looks like all that bitching and complaining that Therrin did paid off. Crosby probably had bettman on his knees and told bettman that he would put him in his five if he made sure the refs called more penalties.
  11. Whack a Penguin

    734.5 on the Gory Version
  12. HDTV

    I shall be watching on 60" of HD. It would be hard to imagine just watching it without HD.
  13. I want the Avs

    He was referring to the way you spelled his name moron.
  14. I want the Avs

    One word. Excited.
  15. NHL Out To Kill Tradition

    What someone should do is, get a stuffed animal octopus open up the back of the stuffed otco, take all the stuffing out. Put an authentic hockeytown octo in there, sew it back up and then launch that sucker on the ice! Then watch Al swing it around his head...maybe he'll get fined 100$ per tentacle then!