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  1. WCF Tickets On Sale Today 5/2/08

    Thanks everyone....I'll just keep a close eye on things. We've had the plane tickets since February, it's just an added bonus if the Wings are at home that weekend. Amberoonie - if the Wings' games don't totally pan out for you, you could always catch a Tigers home game (versus the Yankees) next weekend (if there are any tickets available).
  2. WCF Tickets On Sale Today 5/2/08

    Can anyone venture a guess as to what days game 1 and 2 will be in Detroit? We're flying into Cleveland for opening weekend at Cedar Point, but since the Wings will obviously be playing at home, I'd love to purchase tickets and ditch C.P. for a day - just need to know if one of the games will be on Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Out of town wings fans!

    I guess grandma should have taught me how to spell these Polish words too. I'm off to enjoy the game - GO WINGS!
  4. Out of town wings fans!

    I never thought anyone would question "dupa." My grandma was Polish and thus taught us words we probably shouldn't have known as young children. Maybe I should have picked "Ilovepeva" - that's beer, right?
  5. Out of town wings fans!

    Donald Jr. and Tennessee Wing Fan - thanks for your posts. I feel extremely relieved to know that others feel the same way I do. I was willing to give Nashville a chance by being a full season ticket holder this past season, but after all is said and done, the anxiety level I feel going to the Sommet Center is too high. I'm a female too and don't quite have the "presence" to intimidate any of these people. The guy who spit on me though, it was right on the top of my head and his wife did smack him for it. Common sense prevented me from smacking him myself. Thanks again you guys!
  6. Out of town wings fans!

    Try being a Red Wings fan in Nashville - it's tough. Everything revolves around beating Detroit here and making sure the people who have moved here from the north know they are not welcome. At least a lot of people on here are transplanted to other cities with knowledgeable hockey fans. That's not the case here. If I knew I stood a chance of having a good-hearted back to back ribbing with a Predators fan, that would be fine. We're season ticket holders because we love hockey. I'm from Michigan so I love the Red Wings and continue to cheer for them. This season, I had a guy spit on me for simply standing/clapping when Detroit scored a goal. I'm fairly reserved and don't shout or do anything to draw attention to myself. My six-year-old stepson wore a Hasek jersey to the game on Thanksgiving day and a lovely gentleman behind us told him that I was a child abuser and should go to prison for allowing him to wear that jersey. He's six, he started to cry and wanted me to buy him a different shirt at the Pro Shop so he could take the Hasek jersey off. He's refused to wear it again. At the final playoff game of round one in Nashville, one member of the row that sits behind us told us that he'd rather see our seats empty next year than to have our northern butts sitting in them. Wise words from a fan of a team that needs all the support they can get just to keep their team in town. I LOVE this message board. I LOVE the knowledge of those who post and the good-natured jabs that take place. Thank you for allowing an escape to the negativity of Nashville hockey. GO RED WINGS!
  7. I made it to a playoff game last year and they were selling "mystery" autographed pucks for charity. Does anyone know if they're doing that again this year during the playoffs? Hoping to come from out of state to a game in the next round (yes, I know the next round isn't yet a guarantee, but it's looking pretty likely). Thanks for any/all input!
  8. What are the preds fans saying after a goal?

    Thanks RedFX - maybe I'll be lucky enough to sit by you at an upcoming Predators game. I agree there are good and bad seeds at all arenas, but it should never go beyond words/heckling/verbal taunts. Unfortunately, I think it will just get worse and worse each season until the Predators win a playoff series against the Red Wings.
  9. What are the preds fans saying after a goal?

    I registered to respond to this thread specifically. I'm a "misplaced" Red Wings fan in Tennessee. I must say that when I moved down here three years ago, I really wanted to support the Predators since they were my new hometown team. I bought a jersey, got season tickets with my husband, and we were off to our first game in Nashville. Simply because I lacked a southern accent and because I was open and honest about moving here from Michigan, I was ridiculed, hit on the back of the head with thundersticks whenever the Predators scored (these were games that Nashville wasn't even playing Detroit), and I was spit on during a game that Detroit played in Nashville and scored a goal. Apparently, I made a huge mistake on day one of being a season ticket holder in Nashville by ever trying to befriend other season ticket holders in my section. Mind you, this is only a handful of Predators fans I'm referring to, but they sure left a bad taste in my mouth. Predators fans are insanely jealous of Detroit's lengthy history, accomplishments, and knowledgeable fans. Here is a link to cell block 303 at the Sommet Center in Nashville. This is the "taunt" page with a rundown of several repetitive chants by the Nashville fans: Taunts