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  1. the new NHL
  2. horse s***
  3. about 2 mins late but still.... about time!!!
  4. Well done Sir!!
  5. Well Done Ozzie! I dont care what anyone says, you are hall of fame... the numbers speak... enjoy your retirement.. :octo: :goalie1:
  6. The problem with this team and the front office is that they continue to hold on to the freaking past, Draper osgood,,, (with the exception of Lids) This team need to be gutted like a fish. start utilizing the young talent we have. Trade up for some bigger stronger players. Its time to let go. look what stevie Y has done with tampa bay.....
  7. my GoD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they needs to shoot the puck on goal...... rebounds galore!!!!!!!!
  8. Ericsson is useless...
  9. i have a bad feeling...