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  1. nosyt612

  2. Kentucky Derby: Nyquist

    Eddie Olczyk for some reason is a part of the broadcast, and of course picked against Nyquist lol
  3. Teams might know we're over the barrel, but there is a market for a free 7 mil cap hit. Teams like Arizona, Columbus, Florida, etc would all love that cap hit. They're not gonna band together and make Detroit give up something good for one of them.
  4. HNIC Rumor: Datsyuk to return to Russia

    They could trade him just for a late pick, there's no rules against a move like that. The league allowed Toronto to trade Clarkson for Horton, who will never play hockey again. Edit: Here's another article laying out their options. If Dats was traded and retired the wings would take on a 2 mil cap recapture penalty for next season; obviously a lot better than the full 7.5.
  5. HNIC Rumor: Datsyuk to return to Russia

    Interesting article about how the wings could actually solve this problem if he does leave. Basically they could trade him to Phoenix if he leaves, and they need to get to the salary floor with only 28 million committed against next years cap. So if they trade for Datsyuk they get 7.5 mil against their cap without having to pay a dollar. The author also talks about how we can get Stamkos with this move as well (with the freed up cap space), which is probably wishful thinking, but the Phoenix scenario I think could very likely happen.
  6. Thanks Matt, really appreciate you bringing these back this year.
  7. 3/29 GDT - Red Wings at Canadiens - 7:30 PM EST

    That is part of the instigator rule. You get 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting and a 10 minute misconduct. If the other player does not receive a fighting major then it is a game misconduct.
  8. Thanks Matt, looks great as always.
  9. Vancouver should make the black retro uniforms permanent

    These are my personal favourite Canuck uniforms. Love how the thicker stripes 'pop' on the black uniform, compared to the next black iteration in the 90's. Also, for some reason I just love the yellow one.
  10. Wingsnation

    Just thought I'd give everyone hear a headsup that the people behind the nation websites have started a Red Wings site. They have a series of NHL team focused blogs that often focuses on advanced analytics, and a number of their writers have gone on to work for NHL teams. My many Canuck fan friends have talked about how awesome their Canuck blog CanucksArmy is. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out:
  11. The Elite Dylan Larkin

    Nowhere do i say this is horrendous, he's obviously a very good player, but elite means being among the very best of your sport. 62nd in the league puts him as essentially the third best point producer on average for an NHL team, if you want to take elite that deep into the talent pool I guess we're not going to see eye to eye. Also nobody is going to give somebody who has played wing all season any Selke consideration. Plus minus is also an extremely circumstantial stat, that is only useful(if it is at all) over the long run.
  12. The Elite Dylan Larkin

    He's an all star because the NHL mandates every team be represented, and each division make a team. I love Larkin, but he's tied for 62nd in league scoring, hardly elite.
  13. The Elite Dylan Larkin

    To me it's pretty obvious they were elite players immediately. I still can't believe Gretz left Crosby off the Olympic team. I think what a lot of people forget too is that Crosby is a year younger than Ovie, who had been playing pro in the Super League for 4 years already. In Crosby's 19 year old year he jumped to 120 points and winning the Art Ross. All of this is no knock on Larkin, as these are two of the best young players ever to play in the NHL, but just that Larkins having a great year for a rookie, but has to continue on this path and improving for a few years before we can talk about elite.
  14. The Elite Dylan Larkin

    He was still sixth in league scoring which is pretty incredible, and Ovie was third. Rookies that dominate amongst their peers like those two did are extremely rare.
  15. The Elite Dylan Larkin

    Just off the top of my head Ekblad made it last year, and Crosby and Ovechkin obviously would have made it in their first years, but it happened to be an Olympic year.