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  1. Time for Adblock Plus - Jersey Edition.
  2. http://espn.go.com/blog/nhl/post/_/id/27203/cooke-to-kaleta-i-can-help-you-change
  3. NEW YORK (NY) -- The NHL's Department of Player Safety today announced that Patrick Kaleta has been suspended for 25 games as a result of Matt Cooke's illegal knee-on-knee hit on Colorado defenseman Tyson Barrie.
  4. John Scott will get 25 games for this.
  5. "Due to the injury to Steven Stamkos, Patrick Kaleta has been suspended 10 games."
  6. Yep. And Malkin does the exact same thing and doesn't even get a review. That's why Shanahan's a joke.
  7. Shanahan's a joke.
  8. That was Leopold's first hit of the season.
  9. Mike Grier once kicked a short Czech man in the chin. Today, we call his son Zdeno.
  10. Shanny keeps talking about awareness and the responsibility of the hitter, yet Lucic _deliberately_ makes a reckless play leading to the injury of a goaltender and gets nothing. Is it going to take Boston actually killing someone on the ice before they're penalized? It's a damned joke.