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  1. Thats because Aves ARE birds. Spelling "Avs" with an "e" (Aves) makes no sense whatsoever, it completely changes the meaning from an abreviated plural form of Avalanche to a classification of bird, not to mention the added "e" gives it a long "A" at the beginning. Which would completely change the pronounciation.
  2. Can't be relied on to make it to the WCF?!?....hmmm thats weird coming from a Detroit fan, a team famous for running away with the regular season standings and flopping first or second round. I love the creativity here......Suckalanche....Dives. Come on at least "Deadwings" rhymes. And who are these Aves you speak of? Aves are a class of warm blooded, egg laying birds that possesses up to 10,000 different species. AVS is an abreviation for an Avalanche, a natural disaster consisting of mass amounts of snow sliding rapidly down a mountain side, causing extreme damage to life and property that lie in their path.