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  1. jthesq13

  2. Ribiero's swing at Ozzie

    Melrose doesn't work for VS, where did you see that? It was a ***** move but you can clearly see on the replay that Ozzie did catch him with the butt as he went by... One game, maybe....
  3. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Avalanche

    How does that 5-1 taste Lancher? Just choke it down, your boys are DONE!
  4. would you?

    You are high. Put the marijuana down and slowly back away...
  5. I want the Avs

    My hate has diminished over the years, particularly after LePeux and Paddy Wah left. Lapariere taking Lidstrom out rekindled some hate, need to go back and watch the 97 game to get the blood boiling!
  6. the DON'T FINE AL petition thread

    1008! Stupid Bettman...
  7. Who would you rather play?

    Wouldn't that be sweet? Wings & Lanche for the Marbles again! Remember 02! Perhaps the Avs could pull Patty Wah out of suspension/retirement and we can light him up again!
  8. weird stat

    The Beauty of our puck control system...
  9. Who would you rather play?

    They do have great fans, but San Jose has a LOT of talent. Remember, but for Lang's fluke goal, we fall to them last year... Av's redux would be a good time though!
  10. Who would you rather play?

    yes, Calgary is 7 seed and we reseed after first round, Colorado is 6
  11. Who would you rather play?

    Kipper does scare me more than Theodore, though he has played great the last half of the season.
  12. Ryan Miller to Detroit?

    Like his commercials, but we don't need him. Give Howard his shot for a season, he will be fine.
  13. Who would you rather play?

    2 for Avs!
  14. Who would you rather play?

    So who do we want next, Flames or the arch rival Avalanche???? Weigh in Wings Fans!
  15. GDT: Sharks/Flames and Ducks/Stars

    Great stuff. So who do we want, Flames or Lanche????