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  1. Outsiders view on lastnight...

    Great game last night! Honestly I kept on thinking the wings would end it early in OT due to puck possesion, speed, etc., but Pens showed some heart-now will that translate into a cup for the Pens? Doubt it.
  2. Who scares you the most...DAL or SJ?

    So you are honestly with a straight face telling me that if you were missing 90% of your offensive production you would still have a prayer against a team such as SJ or Dallas? Yes, Wings are good team..but ANY team losing that much production and world class star talent would not be able to win a playoff series...
  3. Who scares you the most...DAL or SJ?

    Warning to Wings fans..hope you guys arent too overconfident going into DAll/SJ series. Imagine going into this next series without Franzen, Zetterberg, Holmstrom and Datsyuk..you wouldnt have a prayer. That is exactly what the AVS had to do so you swept us...just dont go into the next series thinking you guys are that good..you basically beat a minor league hockey team on tues & thur....Dallas or SJ will be much better.
  4. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Avalanche

    The least you guys could do is keep it up to date..sheesh...Tanguay, Boughner....sad.
  5. Let the games begin!

    Naww..I did same with Wild fans...they were kinda touchy with not much of a sense of humor...cant take this stuff too personal..plus I have seen a handful of wings fans on our board so it is all good!
  6. Let the games begin!

    First off let me say I am not a troll and will periodically come over here to talk hockey, harass and otherwise have good fun with this series. AVS vs. Wings has a great tradition of hard fought, sometimes bitter games in which laid the foundation for this great rivalry. Here's to a great series that goes 7 games and has everything we have come to expect from the rivalry. Let the fun begin! Oh..and Red wings Suck!
  7. I want the Avs

    And we want you...bring it!