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  1. ohh yeah the refs what was i thinking?it's funny through the bad and good it comes back to refs.
  2. The Fleury who gave up 4 in a second period before?
  3. as a wings fan i have to agree with you,it gets old hearing the same people whine and complain every game night.
  4. it would be much betterg if you people didn't complain and act so negative.your ruining it for the rest of us.quit acting like spoiled brats.
  5. funniest thing about that poll is even in pennsylvania wings are only behind by 2% lol
  6. sounds like one of those opposing fans trying to pose as a longterm redwings fan. theirs a diffrence between saying the series isn't over and saying wings are gonna lose. sorry fool someone else!
  7. i cant understand how anyone can vote for obama.with all his freakoid friends he has not counting his ranting racist paster he had for 20 yrs.not to mention refusing to provide a real birth certificate,he is now being sued for refusing to provide it.even burgerking does background checks yet a american president may not even be a american?sad~go wings and btw the airhead your referring too was a gov and a mayor not just a wannabe like obama bin lyin who spent 150 days as a senator voting 94 times to raise taxes and another 100+times voting present..