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  1. I want the Avs

    Im not sure what kind of "goonish" tactics you are talking about. How about an example? You dont think that downey running Laperierre twice in the same game is "goonish"? That is more "goonish" than anything the Avs have done this year. I guess it is obvious that the Avs are goonish, being that when the wild tried to goon it up, the Avs went crazy and gave them cheap shots all over the ice!, Right?
  2. I want the Avs

    Over any FW yes. "lids" is one of the best D ever. Stats dont mean anything in the playoffs. Production in big time situations do. Sakic produces time after time... what have zetterberg and dats ever proved?
  3. I want the Avs

    He is not as good as he once was, but he is still the best clutch player ever to play the game. After having 100 pts last year, who knows how much he would have produced this season if he was not injured. I will take Sakic now over anyone on the wings. Sakic has proved that during big games and big moments he is clutch.