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  1. It's pretty obvious you are basing your comment on the Avs play in the past 2 games where the goaltender was puking all day before the games and the defense was missing 2 key players. I understand though, the Avs have looked weak all this year against the Wings, but it is only because every game they have been plagued with injury. It would just be nice to see the Wings play a healthy Avs team.
  2. How can you live in Denver and be a wings fan
  3. If the Wings don't dominate this series with the amount of injuries to the Avs roster, they are pretty sorry.
  4. In 2001 Forsberg tried to play with a potential ruptured spleen after doctors told him he could possibly DIE if he played. So, yeah, if he can't go you know he can't go. It is one thing to have a sore ankle, but a pulled groin is agonizing and impossible to play through.
  5. If the wings can't beat the Avalanche with their season's top goal scorer out (Svatos), 2 of their other top 2 forwards out (Smyth, Wolski), 2 of their best defensemen out (Clark, Hannan)...then it is pretty sad. On top of that Forsberg, Foote and Hejduk have all been playing with injuries for the past 2 weeks. With a healthy roster...even with 2-3 guys out, The Avs would match up evenly or slightly better against the Wings. Too bad no games this season have had even rosters.
  6. Not really, Laperrier got blatantly punched in the face after the whistle, and Foote could have been seriously injured and is bleeding from an illegal, no.
  7. Lucky for the Wings the Refs seem to be on their side this series. 2 obvious no calls against and a penalty call against the avs for absolutely nothing that lead to a goal.
  8. I think the Avs will come out hungry tonight and have some energy after last game and being able to come so close to tying it. I say 3-2 Avs Avs lines in the OP are funked up...Most likely, given that Wolski is out and Forsberg will probably play (my inside source): Smyth-Sakic-Brunette Forsberg-Stastny-Hejduk McCormick-Arnason-Jones Lappy-Guite-Mcleod If Forsberg isn't in the line-up Jaroslav Hlinka (last season's leading scorer in the Czech elite league) will probably be on Third line, with Jones on First and Smyth on Second
  9. What do you base your analysis of their similarities on? I have seen both players for quite some time and thing they are pretty different when it comes to styles. Wolski has much better stick handling skills, has a better shot, better moves, but Hudler is quicker and better at finding openings. Wolski is a much bigger loss than Hudler would be.
  10. With a healthy line-up these teams are equal Last night Theodore was almost puking in his mask while he was playing They lost one of their top line forwards 4 minutes in (Wolski) and had to play with 11 forwards the rest of the game. Hannan (of of their top Shut Down D men) played limited minutes due to an injury. Forsberg one of their top playmakers was out. With all these factors they still came back and probably should have sent the game into OT in the last 8 seconds of the game, except Ozzie made a beast save, and Liles didn't place the shot perfectly.
  11. Wolski will most likely be out the rest of the series with an upper body injury. This is too bad for the Avs as he is a real threat offensively and rounded out the Sakic-Brunette line perfectly. I wouldn't get too excited though as they are probably going to go with Jaroslav Hlinka now who was the Czech elite leagues (best league in Europe) top scorer. He hasn't been great this season, but mostly because of being shuffled around. He is a fast skater with incredible stick handling and great playmaking ability. His only issue is his size and he does seem to be pushed around a bit out there. It will be interesting to see how he fits in.
  12. Please tell me you are joking.
  13. Lines for the Avs: Wolski - Sakic - Brunette Forsberg - Stastny - Hejduk Smyth - Arnason - Jones McCleod - Guite - Laperriere Foote - Sauer Hannan - Liles Leopold - Salei Theo
  14. I think this is because the Avs beat the #3 seed who was the top team in the division and the Wings seemed to struggle against the #8 seed who had 2 of their top forwards out in a game they nearly lost.