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  1. Johan Franzen gets his 100th Point

    The Mule is on the late bloomer plan.He came over at an age well past what you see in most draft picks.Took him a while to understand how well he could actually play against the rest of the league and now he gets it.I believe the man will continue on the goal scoring path he has blazed for himself.40 ish a year does not seem far fetched at all.
  2. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Ok.I can agree that the price for the real ones is steep,but that is what they are.Not just for Illitch's teams or hockey fans,but all pro sports. I wish everything was cheaper than whatever it cost.Who doesn't?But,buying these jerseys is tantamount to stealing. Also,making a purchase of your own accord is not"ripping money"out of YOUR pocket.It is,in fact,a decision made by(you) the buyer to spend(your) their own hard earned money as(you) they see fit.
  3. Wings RBK Jersey from China

  4. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Does nobody care that not one penny of these jersey sales goes to to the Red Wings?Or any of the respective teams?
  5. Please help.I am stuck at work.

    Thanks to all.Awesome bunch of people you are. GO WINGS!!!!
  6. Please help.I am stuck at work.

    Papafunk, Watch your mail!I am sending Ian Laperiere's spleen over as a token of my appreciation. Thanks a million. rob
  7. Please help.I am stuck at work.

  8. Please help.I am stuck at work.

    Hello all, I have never posted on a forum in my life.But dire times calls for drastic measures! I was fortunate enough to read on this very forum about Joost.com.It saved my day a couple of times.It appears as though they only covered the first round though. My question is...Is anyone aware of another webcast?I have searched high and low to no avail.If someone is able to point me in the right direction I will be forever in your debt. thanks, rob