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  1. OMG! ROFL! Now that is funny...especially the idiot Forsberg holding the 10
  2. I thought this was pretty funny...hope you enjoy it too,80799 GO RED WINGS!!!
  3. PS

    LMFAO!!! That Adam Foote line is brilliant!
  4. PS

    Gimme a is clear to me that whoever made this HAS to be motivated by jealousy!Dats is awesome and he plays hard and good. I can handle jokes about just about anyone except Shanny, Zetterberg and Datsyuk....No one...not even a disillusioned Avs fan can call them bad hockey players
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    OMG! Now the Chelios one and the Hasuck one I get but the rest is crap!
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    Datsyuk doesn't need to dive....he just scores goals!
  7. PS

    What was priceless was the look on Roy's face when he was sent to the bench in Game 7 2002 when the Wings waxed his a$$ 7-0....THAT was priceless