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  1. So everybody is just going to ignore that, or what?
  2. The way I see it, he is a kid sure, but he is also the captain. If you say that he is just a kid and he is too immature, then he shouldn't be the captain.
  3. Don't be so biased, the Penguins don't have the worst name/logo/colors Names: Worst Best 1) Thrashers 1) New Jersey Devils 2) Predators 2) Canucks/Bruins/Wings 3) Panthers Honorable mention-Ducks for being named after a Disney movie, though they don't make the list because at least they aren't the mighty ducks Logos: Worst Best 1) Predators 1) Red Wings 2) Wild 2) Calgary 3) Panthers 3) Avalanche Colors: Worst Best 1) Buffalo 1) Red Wings 2) Predators 2) Canucks 3) Panthers 3) Bruins
  4. Just because there isn't a problem, doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to make your team better. Last year we won and then we signed Hossa.
  5. Pronger maybe?
  6. I'm not really good at figuring out cap and whatnot, but I would definitely let go of a few people to get him. If Sammy Hudler and Hossa are let go, there would definitely be enough money to get J-Bo, right?
  7. In terms of marketing, Crosby is like the John Cena of the NHL; he isn't the best, but the league has their nose up his butt and overhypes him, also why so many kids wear his jersey. Sorry for the rastlin' reference
  8. Good god a thousand times yes, Hossa for Bouwmeester sounds great
  9. I trust my porno mags to Pavel
  10. I don't mind the critiquing, if you can design one better and post it here
  11. Worst in no order: Nashville Predators Anaheim Ducks Minnesota Wild Florida Panthers