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  2. lyongoalie29

    4/9 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 0 (SO)

    I was at the game tonight and I can verify that there were at LEAST 3 octopi thrown on the ice one during the shootout right after Datsyuk tied it, one at the end of regulation, and one after OT. I heard there were 4 didn't see it though.
  3. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    yeah I got the jersey a couple weeks ago and the quality is really good although I have nothing to compare it to. Not sure why he had it on sale (and still does for $35) Everything is stitched although there is no fight strap (not sure if international jerseys just don't have those, who knows) Even if they never wear the throwback it's still a sweet jersey for such a cheap price, I wore it around campus and got a few compliments. Not like anyone knows the difference around here If you want pictures I can send you some but they would look just like the ones on the website.
  4. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    "Jack" has these team USA jerseys but not a huge name selection I got a Kane from there for $35 on sale and that included shipping
  5. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    I just recently bought 5 more jerseys from Jack -Bruins Winter Classic Lucic -Campbell Conference Gretzky -Blank Team Canada (wanted to wait til they officially name the team) -Blue Islanders Tavares -Red CCM Flames Vintage Phaneuf (they've worn them a couple times this year) all of them were amazing, barely any flaws (nothing noticeable) Although the sizing on the Gretzky and Phaneuf were a little different but I really don't care since jerseys are supposed to be big. This is definitely the best batch I've gotten in terms of quality. Props to whomever started this thread, I now have a HUGE jersey collection (73 to be exact) and didn't pay very much at all. Yes I know they're fakes but no one will ever know since they look so good for 1/4 the price Speaking of that I bought a Griffins jersey at the last game I was at, replica reebok and everything was ironed/screen printed on. Had to have my mom sew it so it wouldn't peel off and that cost me $133.
  6. lyongoalie29

    1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    LET GO RED WINGS!!! I'll be at this game, please don't make me drive 2 1/2 hours home disappointed
  7. lyongoalie29

    SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    I'm Gonna be there!!!! Please Wings win and do it decisively so I don't have a heart attack at the Joe. LETS GO RED WINGS!!! BACK TO BACK!!! I'll go with the psychic and say 4-2 Wings although 5-1 would be SOOOOOO much better
  8. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Jack's jerseys are $45 a piece via paypal and $40 via western union (that's if you buy 6 although sometimes he'll give you that deal with 3 or more) As for customs to Switzerland I have no idea. When he sent them to me in Michigan he wrote "gift" on the label so I didn't get hit with any extra charges. I believe the same thing for Canada so I would guess Switzerland would be the same. GO LUCK and GO WINGS!!!!!
  9. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    you mean Jack's website??? it's
  10. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Depending on the seller they'll usually give you a discount for shipping if you buy a couple items. If you just message them and ask if they'd give you a discount on shipping if you ordered more than one item they'll usually do it for $45 or $50 a jersey (jersey+shipping). When I first ordered from them I got three jerseys and the seller gave them to me for $43 a piece.
  11. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Usually the seller will contact you after in a message on dhgate and ask the size. If they don't do it within a day I would contact them and let them know.
  12. lyongoalie29

    2009 Round 2 Photoshop War: Anaheim Ducks

    Thought I'd give it a shot
  13. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    voguestudio, they have the highest rating and their jerseys are good quality for a fake.
  14. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    ok last time I'll reply I swear All the jerseys that I have gotten it is really easy to take any of the numbers or lettering off. I got a Thornton sharks from dhgate and it was obvious the lettering was too small so I took it off and had my mom cut out the appropriate lettering and sew it on, now it looks like the $180 ones from (except better quality). Same with the red outline around the D on the winter classic jerseys, came off like a charm. You just gotta know someone who can sew it back on.
  15. lyongoalie29

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Gotta say I've ordered about 5 or 6 jerseys from dhgate (one specific seller) and the quality has been better then the jerseys from Jack. Although shipping wasn't as fast. Most sellers you can email and if you get 3 or more jerseys they give you a discount also (usually $43-$45 a piece, shipping included)