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  1. Kevin Newsome U of M QB recruit

    and the only reason you beat us the past year is because lloyd carr has a 1942 play book im glad we got rid of him and now its a new era and your goona get your butts kicked by a newbie U of M team GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kevin Newsome U of M QB recruit

    lol i can act as imature as i want ,, and yes im goona call the ohio state team fags and anyone who supports them,, if i seen you at a bar wearing anything ohio state i would call you a *** to your face and keep doing it until you got mad enough for me to kick you out the bar just like the pansy's that i did that to when i was partying in west virginia and some ohio state queers were in there.. ohio state sucks
  3. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    hell yeah i was hoping the lions were goona take conner with there pick that was like 2 pick behind the pack,,, and out last pick was the guy from army campbell i think that kid could play outside linebacker instead of paris lennons slow @ss that wouldn't be to bad campbell dozier and sims i know the two kids are rookies but they are tough as hell and anything is better than lennon anyways.. and i didn't mean breaston i meant i don't know what i was
  4. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    thanks ... and i think the receiver they picked is a return man,, i will have to check him out.. anything is better than cason he can't even get the ball over the 20 yard line...breaston from U of M would be a good undrafted free agent to get for a return game also.. GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kevin Newsome U of M QB recruit

    i doubt that they are going to need him to get ready to be the starter next year, they will probably use him like florida did with tebow,,, but i could really care less what the ohio state fags do anyways... GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Kevin Newsome U of M QB recruit

    heck yeah both points exactly... did anyone watch the spring training game? its was kinda bad but with the new QB's in there and the young RB's in there its goona be bad@ss,, they were setting up shotgun with two RB's on each side and as soon as the hut they would all take off right or left and one of them would emerge with the ball ,, it looked like the basic rich rod spread but with threet and sheridan taking snaps it wasn't as quick as i would like with with the young QB's coming its goona be sweet.... p.s. i hope tyrell pryor breaks his leg in the first game,
  7. Jose Theodore Voodoo Doll!

    melrose is such a joke,, why does he hate d-town so much,,, hahahahah he was in love with theadore saying he is the best goalie in the playoffs ,,, what a joke... melroe must be hitting the crack pipe because he is not making any sense he also said there is no way pitt is making it out of the first round,,,
  8. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    who cares let them play play Rex for the next 5 years, and to the comment about Dizon earlier ,, go check him out on you tube he is not slow he is just as fast as any LB out there and he lays some big hits where the other dudes get flattened, and when they blits him he gets right in the holes and attacks the QB,,, its not the greatest pick but at least millen is trying and we did need a middle LB anyways Kevin Smith RB out of central florida----- hell yeah we just got him in the 3rd..
  9. Soccer is a joke.

    soccor sucks,, the only cool thing bout soccor is the kick ass riots other than that kicking a ball around is lame mide as well be playing monopoly by yourself its about as exciting and i guesws if you like it you like it for a reason but i don't understand it,, i tried in school but the only fun i found in it was the ankle tackles you could make but then everyone would cry about you doing that so whatever i siad lets play some hockey...
  10. Kevin Newsome U of M QB recruit

    well i hope so,, threet and sheridan look like junior high QB's we needed something to go good for us... you must be a state fan..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    like i said a lesser known school ,, some of you people think you are so smart... if the kid played for the u of m or florida or ohio state he would have been a first round pick but because he is from colorado he was sent to the 2nd round. oh well im glad we got him and not a wr anyways.. its not that colorado isn't a big school but they are not a top tier nfl watch school..
  12. Kevin Newsome U of M QB recruit

    hey i just got word that kevin newsome just commited to U of M for the 2008 season he is a 4 star recruit that was waiting to sign with a team to see what was out there but today he commited to the U of M...woooo hooo he is a dual threat QB that is no surprise but he has a B A mixtape on you tube here is the link ,, any U of M fans let me know what you think ,,, plus there is justin feagin another U of M recruit that you can find on there,, we don't need pryors pansy ass anyways... here is the tape
  13. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    yeah im glad henne got to go to miami too,, they are a up and coming team,, lets just hope him and long don't start getting into fights at the south beach strip im sure they will probably just be playing planko or something like that they are kinda lame ,,, i barley seen them at any of they after parties at u of m after the games.. but oh well im glad for those guys GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    yeah why didn't they take otah instead of chearilus or however you spell his name? the linebacker pick was pretty nice he seems like a good ass sleeper pick cause he'sfrom a lesser known school,, but tommarow im hoping for dan conner they have the 3rd pick tommarow come on conner ,, then we should be ok at linebacker and then with our secondary moves this year we should be ok with they back half of our defence lets just hope our d line has what it takes,,, im curious to see who they pick tommarow... im thinking the RB out of central florida would be nice in the 4th round i like mike hart too im sure he will get tore up in d town but he is worth our 4th round pick,, well so far millen has done ok atleast he didn't draft a damm WR and im glad we didn't trade williams
  15. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    long is f'ing brutal he is goona tear it up this year, onl;y about 2 hours i hope the lions don't f this draft up.. come on millen for once make us proud that your our GM ,, ok i know tommarow im goona be pissed but oh well thats the lions,, if we draft the WR devin thomas from MSU im goona throw up.