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  1. I'm sad for DiPietro... lol okay I'm not ))
  2. Ah yes didn't read it that carefully )) My bro would like that!
  3. Hmmm no Dats bobblehead? Or Babcock chewinggum dispenser?
  4. And then what? TB would match every offer, come on. Toronto fans are gullible or just freaking stupid!
  5. Stamkos isn't leaving TB. Heck.. Lecav getting dropped in the AHL has even a better chance.... All get your head out of your asses. He is going nowhere, case closed!
  6. You are kidding right? Or did you smoke smth. Heatley way better than Havlat, same as Setoguchi trade. Bad deal imo.
  7. Vladdy16, I´m good in extortion and exaction. So if you need any help?
  8. Thanks bro for sending the money for me!! I also want to thank Vladdy16 first to arrange this cool way of collecting for a great great great charity! Furthermore awesome to see people participate (thumbs up!!!!) NEXT YEAR!!! GO RAGS AND GO WINGS!!!
  9. I was very shocked when my brother told me this news... Derek you will be missed! And I know you will be in the Heaven Hockey League now to enforce a lot more!
  10. VAN/SJS: 4-3 BOS/TBL: 4-2
  11. VAN/NSH: 4-2 SJS/DET: 4-2 WAS/TBL: 4-3 PHI/BOS: 4-3
  12. $30 after first round for Rags and Wings... Now I am going to sit in a corner and cry cry cry!
  13. So to make it sure, more goals against for the Wings = more donation? Lol are you playing that evil?
  14. Total at the moment 29 bucks, but Rangers still not done yet first round.. but I expect that to be over soon....