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  1. The Wolf

    The Wolf

  2. The Wolf

    Thank you, Matt

    This site has renewed my love and dedication for a franchise unlike any other in the world. Thanks Matt and GO WINGS FOREVER!!!
  3. The Wolf


    Dude nice pic of Zetts and what a night! I love this club!!!!
  4. The Wolf

    Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    Man frickin insane. I am allready looking at flights home tomorrow night for the Parade. DAS MULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Wolf

    VS Announcers

    I can't stand Keith Jones. With his "little boy Llyod Christmas starter haircut". I was totally laughing when he proclaimed a turn of events would have take place if that Forsberg call would have been made. These VS announcer all need to step into the office, cause they are f*in fired!!
  6. The Wolf


    Happy B-Day Capitain Nick!
  7. The Wolf

    VS Announcers

    The annoucer's for versus should step into my office........WHY?? CAUSE THEY ARE FRICKING FIRED!!!!!! Those guys are pulling 35k salaries thinking this will segway them into commentating for the Masters next year. WTF???