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  1. Stinkyness


  2. Stinkyness

    Quincey re-signed by DET. 2 yr s $4.25 mill AAV

    Even I had to log in to add my own WTF??!! Just waiting for the other thing now.....Cleary, 5 yr 6.5m!!!!! Yah, you know KH is gonna DO IT!
  3. Stinkyness

    Zetterberg out with herniated disc

    Like no one knew this was going to happen. Just waiting for the other shoe(dats) to drop. Olympics needs to go back to amatuer status. 20 yr old age limit. But thats another thread. Bulls***. Management should have made them all take the time off.
  4. Stinkyness

    This is what tonights winner will have to deal with

    Thats Hollywood....lots of bad acting.
  5. Breaking opsec and radio silence....but, HELL YAH!!!!!! This season is already epic. And winning this series just makes it more so. Zetterbeast leading the team. On top of a semi-rebuild, you just gotta be grateful for our team and management, warts and all.
  6. Stinkyness

    Jordin Tootoo & Polar Bears

    Pure win! Good for them. I want a tag too!
  7. Stinkyness

    2012 Lockout Watch

    screw em both, luckily I have Colorado College and Air Force hockey to enjoy regardless of what these dillweeds do.
  8. Stinkyness

    2012 Lockout Watch

    Greedy bastards all around! Lock it out. Do it. Fold all these small market teams too. Let the large market teams with owners who love hockey re-organize into a capless, win first league. Fans will go nuts. All this collectivist BS should have died with the Soviet Union. bettman needs to go, I hope he dies a slow and agonizing death for what he has inflicted on the hockey world.
  9. Stinkyness

    Your thoughts on Sergei Fedorov

    Fedorov, regardless of anything. Was the friggin MAN!!!! He had issues, but we all do. I was in the military the first 5 years of his tenure in Detroit, so I missed alot of him and Lids, etc and so on from 90-96. He was an amazing player and helped Detroit to cups, not a cup, but CUPS. Yeah, he should have his jersey up top. We hockey fans are a forgetful bunch.... I think they should have a special hall at the Joe called Defection Alley with the stories of....Klima, Feds, Vladdie....skullduggery for the furtherance of the pursuit of the CUP!
  10. Stinkyness

    SI: Sidney Crosby to visit spine specialist in Calif.

    I hope he comes back. And gets blasted again. repeat....
  11. Stinkyness


    Why talk about Semin anyway. Holland couldn't sign a leaf to a tree....Nyuk Nyuk.....heck a better reclamation project woulda been Wolski and at only 600k. I hear his work ethic sucks but he likes to party, someone could mention to him a Stanley Cup Party lasts 4 months or so....
  12. We gave up one first round for....>QUINCY ffs! Three more would not be much for Weber. Sure, its a long contract. but it wasnt a friggin BFF 2fer... Simple matter really. Philly wanted a franchise defenseman locked up. Detroit wanted to utilize thier modus operandi. This is the new parity laden NHL. I for one am glad we got Quincy at SUCH a steal.
  13. Stinkyness

    Holland Content with Current Roster

    Holland has known Lidstrom was going to be leaving since the year-to-years started....
  14. Stinkyness

    Wolski signs with Washington

    I really liked the way he played in Colorado. Some stability might wake him up. Hell, the way the Wings love reclamation projects he could fit right in, and 600k is cheap.
  15. Stinkyness

    Wolski signs with Washington

    I'm like, the most butthurt person on the interwebs right now. HOWEVER! Holland has a plan, and he's sticking to it! Trust in KH as he sails his failboat! What a miss.