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  1. I get goosebumps watching this.
  2. I have no problem with that either. At least its better than waffles.
  3. If that happens there is going to be crapload of players going to KHL.
  4. I live in Philly (not Flyers fan) and up until that moment JR was one of the more beloved former players in Philly... Not anymore
  5. You mean your MSpaint skills? But seriously, how can you hate this guy, he is a classiest guys out there. Because he decided not to play for peanuts, which is what Wings could only afford?
  6. Maybe I wouldn't have hated Canada even more after this game if the commentary wasn't so anti-Russian. Come one, Cold war is over, give it up! I love how Milbury and Roenick pretending that they know what is going on in the Russian locker room... really?? I do have to say that I am pretty disappointed right now. This Russian team sure missed type of guys like Kasparaitis or Zubov.
  7. I took up a new hobby so that I can not think about the season. In fact I am taking a big break from TV, hockey sites, except this one, and just NHL in general. I haven't been in TSN website for 2 full days now.
  8. YEEESS!
  9. Our powerplay is lazy and it sucks
  10. I agree that they are pretty tired. I also have a feeling that once playoffs are over we'll be reading how this guy had this injury that guy had that injury. I am hopeful for game 5 however. Pens did play with the jump last night, but now the pressure is equally on them as its on Wings, and I hope that they won't be able to maintain that intensity for the rest of the series. Alexey
  11. Also, in the last 54 years of the SCF the team who’s 3 line center ate chicken noodle soup 3 days prior to game 2 has won the Cup 73% of the time.
  12. I respect the Wings, if that counts
  13. He is the only ducks player that I actually like a little