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  1. I read those three posts that Trevor quoted the same way. I sure sounded like people were hoping for injured players.
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    Thanks and thanks!
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    A quickie... but it'll do for now. Can't let y'all have all the fun.
  4. He's a hell of 3rd line center though. 10 points and 2 game winners in 2 series. 16th overall in playoff scoring, so far this year. Those are solid 3rd line numbers.
  5. It should be noted that Modano now plays as checking (3rd) line center and power play.... it isn't suprising he is scoring his goals on the power play rather than while shutting down the other teams top forward line.
  6. Homer Gomers... we've all got them. I could point out just as humorous posts in this very thread. If you really wanna see insane, you should read the Sharks forum this morning over at
  7. I'll be watching to see if Detroit is able to do what Dallas failed to do last nigh... close it in 4. Verbeek was in Dallas last night watching/scouting our team for the next round.
  8. That he survived those first hours pretty much tells the story. Once the bleeding is under control and his blood volume is topped off, the danger is passed. He should make a rapid and full recovery... (but not rapid enough to play again this year)
  9. Blood loss. Damaged spleens bleed horrifically. I am impressed he is still alive.
  10. If you look back a month earlier, Dallas was red hot. We were all looking to claim the President's Cup until then (while Detroit was having their February funk). The March funk started one game after the big trade. They started getting the chemistry back in line the last half dozen games. Chemistry seems to be A-OK now. ETA: I abstained from voting since I am not 'from here'.
  11. I was just being sure to exclude people who were writing the Constitution and such.
  12. Come on..... it's Philly! Who else do they have to make a statue of? (in the last 100 years)
  13. It would certainly better prepare you for later rounds (barring injuries).
  14. Here is to finding out in a couple weeks! Cheers.
  15. Who cares.... you'll forget all about that whining when you are prepping for round 3 while they are hitting the links.