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  1. Locker Room hats leaked (merged)

    Anything about the locker room shirts? (or did I miss that thread?)
  2. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    As long as we score the first 4 goals, we'll be fine. I just love that Billy Joel wind up: "One, Two... One, Two Three Four!" GO WINGS!
  3. Got this from The Portal
  4. After the Wings take the Cup again, can you change Crosby's number to 042 (O-fer-2)?
  5. Abdelkader Goal (P.A. Music)

    Before the game warm ups I thought I heard "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory (from last years Cup Champs DVD) If you don't have Rev Theory's CD (or the Champs DVD for that matter) by now, GO BUY IT! IT ROCKS!
  6. THANK YOU for fixing the pic. I don't think Rush would like Obama spreading the Cup around to those who have not earned it. Sorry Crosby, if you want something (The Cup), you have to EARN it. It will not just be given to you because you whine like a Democrat.
  7. The 2009 Pens are not the 1984 Oilers

    I'm thinking they're more like the Buffalo Bills of the early 90's. They make it back to the Championship Round, but never win it. GO WINGS!
  8. On the Chicago Boards

    I am ABSOLUTELY with you! (For starters, I'm a WI resident so we have learned that Packers fans HATE Da Bears and whatever else CHI has to offer) This is the NHL Playoffs. You either bring your best game or GO HOME! If you want ice dancing or figure skating, jump over to your ABC station. How many other Wings fans got excited when Kronwall lit up ANYBODY in last years playoffs? It was awesome BECAUSE Kronner brought it. One of the best parts of the NHL is you can legally LEVEL another player! What about the Wings/Avs rivalry? I don't know about you, but I HATED Colorado everytime the Wings played 'em. I have trouble respecting Roy as one of the best goaltenders of all time (even though I know he is). Lemieux hammering Drapes... The goalie fights... D-Mac going after Lemieux for payback... Forsberg is still a waste of space in my book. The 7-0 a$$-kickin' was SO satisfying I needed a cigarette after it. All this being said, keep it clean and keep it on the ice. Don't be a ****** like Pronger or Avery. Do not intend to injure either. Yes, it happens, but do not intentionally go for injuries.
  9. Eddie Olczyk

    Sure, he says it here... but what about when he's the PXP guy for the 'Hawks when they're NOT playing against the Wings? He was ripping the Wings apart. ...and drooling over the 'Hawks more than NFL's John Madden does over Brett Favre. It happened more than once during the regular season while I was channel surfing Center Ice.
  10. Are the Wings going to get a new arena?

    Since Illitch also owns Little Caesars, how about "Little Caesars' Palace"? (Assuming there's no copyright problem with the casino in Vegas)
  11. Red Wings Collectors DVD

    It looks like my TiVo just saved me $29.99 + shipping. Thankfully, I can transfer the games to my PC and burn my own DVDs. Thanks TiVo! [/cheesy TV commercial voice]
  12. Olausson OT winner 2002

    I love the slo-mo of the ONLY fan on screen with a Wings jersey jumping up to celebrate the goal Sorry Roy... it's in the net!
  13. Gary thorne

    I miss Thorne, too. There's just something about "The Detroit Red Wings are the Stanley Cup Champions!" coming from him instead of nasally 'Doc'. I also think if anyone was biased, it was Clement and not Thorne.
  14. What's up with D-Mac and Downey?

    I almost sprayed Mountain Dew all over my laptop! Excellent comment!
  15. More proof ESPN doesn't even watch hockey

    Jim Who?? He still gets paid to boradcast dead air and paper shuffling? Only in America... Too bad his little mind can't produce a whole sentence in one breath.