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  1. In other equally shocking news; The sky is blue, the owners are greedy, and Bettman still sucks.
  2. Any of you guys wanna meet up for a beer to wear the sweaters one last time during the season and toast to what was while underachieving a great season?
  3. Nothing to add that hasn't been said. Lids and Homer's future I think are intertwined. If Lids leave Homer is retiring as well I believe.
  4. I think as a whole the league has gotten more officiated. I remember when I first started following a penalty with a one goal lead in the last 2-3 minutes of play was unheard of. Now it seems when there's a one goal lead in the playoffs powerplays are abound.
  5. Just Win Baby!!!!! Let's Go Wings
  6. I think with the way you've got some of the media calling it as the black and white that it is there will be some changes. Pierre McGuire was on NHL Home Ice this morning. He said he was embarrassed by the number of calls against the Wings as well as the phantom calls. He said the Wings have just had some bad luck and bad calls but are no where near out of the series. I agree.
  7. This!!!!
  8. Series is far from over. I actually welcome the Sharks fans who think otherwise. Series heads back to San Jose 2-2 bank on it.
  9. http://www.entertonement.com/clips/pjwsglyrnm--Post-game-show-is-brought-to-you-by%E2%80%A6Christ-I-can't-find-itMajor-League-Bob-Uecker-Harry-Doyle-
  10. To borrow a baseball euphemism "SWING andddddddd a miss"
  11. Let us not also forget that Detroit went into the 3rd period with a lead despite a penalty ratio of 14-6 in terms of PIM. That being said if the calls are going to be that crappy all night you have to bring your A game. We all can see how completely useless the officiating crew was but that still doesn't mean the guys can take the day off.