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  1. CAWingsfan25

  2. What are you looking forward to...

    High Def Hockey!!! Just got my new receiver! I can't wait to see Ozzie in the net again, and here is to hoping that Mac domes back this year in better shape. I hope, if this is Cheli's last year, he retires with back-to-back cups, and I hope Helm gets more ice time.
  3. have any of you ever written to NHL players?

    Thanks again for the info. I think I 'll try sending it to Cheli's Chili first and see what happens. maybe if I send a pic of her in her jersey, he will actually sign that since it isn't really player memorabilia. It's worth a shot!
  4. some sick red wings logos!

    Not a fan. And I still don't get the point of the horse. IMO, leave the logo alone.
  5. Post Everytime You Look

    Is today over yet? I am seriously over this whole working thing.
  6. have any of you ever written to NHL players?

    Thanks for this info everyone. I have never written NHL players, but my daughter is a big Cheli fan, so I think I will try to send a card and see if I can get it signed before he retires.
  7. Members photos

    It took awhile to get it off the camera, but here is a pic of me and my favorite Cheli fan before SCF game 6.
  8. The most annoying NHL teams

    I've never seen a single person on their laptop in the game. Have you ever been to one? It's harder than f*** to fit a damn laptop and use it, unless you're using it to stand your beer between two people. Maybe if they got lower bowl and are in the club area pre/post-game, I can see people using laptops during the regular season, but they are non-existent in the playoffs even down there. When San Jose beat Calgary, each time, in San Jose, the entire city went nuts. There is no doubt San Jose likes their Sharks. Actually, I've been to plenty of Sharks games, considering I spent most of my life living there. I never doubted that San Jose likes their Sharks. And the laptop part was a joke- But the PDA thing was not. Unfortunately, since San Jose is the only arena I can attend games at, I am not sure if this happens everywhere. But honestly- I dont care either. San Jose fans annoy me regardless.
  9. shanahan?

    I have always been a huge Shanahan fan, and I wish him luck wherever he goes. I guess I give him a lot of credit for being able to look at the situation and realize that it was time to move on. I think its funny how we fault one player for making that decision to move on while at the very same time we are telling another player what he should do with his career. (insert every "Cheli you need to retire and give the younger guys a chance" comment here. I guess it just doesn't make sense to me. I hate seeing Shanny in a Rangers jersey, but to me he will always be a wing, and I respect him for that. Good Luck to you Shanny!
  10. The most annoying NHL teams

    1) San Jose- My reasons are petty, but they annoy me none the less. Mostly because of their lame ass arm chomping motion made when they get a power play, but also because of the tech-heads who sit in the middle of the shark tank working on their laptops and PDA's while completely ignoring the game. Seriously, GO HOME.
  11. Official: Hasek announces retirement

    You will be missed Dom. Thanks for the memories, and the heart attacks! You truly are timeless, and you will be remembered always. Here's to a hell of a career.
  12. Coaching Vacancies

    Please, Please let Quenneville go to SJ. There is nothing I love more than watching the fish implode every year. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  13. Where will the Cup visit?

    Living in CA SUCKS!!! No one ever brings the cup here. (Ok, that's a lie. My best friend's nephew got his picture taken inside it a few hours after he was born). But, I doubt I will ever get to see it. Just another reason to move to good 'ole Detroit. Too bad my husband doesn't see things my way. (He's not a big fan of the feezing ass cold)
  14. ozzie

    Wow..thanks for putting that into the words I could probably never find. That sums it up for me.
  15. ozzie

    I started watching hockey in 98 and I formed an attachment to Ozzie then. I was upset when he left Detroit and I was elated when he came back. I remember being at a game at the Tank when Ozzie was backup to Hasek. Ozzie was sitting away from the team, I assume because there wasn't enough room on the bench. I remember being angry at the fact that he seemed to be cast aside. (I know, probably not accurate, but it really was my feeling at the time). That day, as much as I loved seeing him in red and white, there was a part of me that wished Ozzie could play somewhere that would give him the chance to show how truly incredible he is. Today, I am so happy to know that place is in Detroit. It took awhile, but finally it has all come full circle. In my heart, Ozzie has always been a wing, and there are no words to express how proud of him I am. It takes a special person to overcome all that Ozzie has, and he deserves every bit of praise and acknowledgementthat he has received, and SO much more. Thanks Ozzie!