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  1. PS

    Is that Debbie Gibson as co-star?
  2. Win this for the children. That is all.
  3. You ever notice Mike Babcock's stock answer in his pressers usually begins with 'I don't know the answer to that question.'?
  4. I will immediately go into Belichick mode--treating every man, woman, and child in a d!ck-like fashion while giving terse, curt, and abbreviated answers to their every inquiry.
  5. Game 7's can come down to a single bounce, a single broken stick, and/or a single puck off a skate. I believe that, all things being equal, Detroit is the better team, but the better team can't control sticks, pucks, and bounces. No optimism here, only guarded hope. While it's not exactly a coin flip, i believe each have the upper hand in certain things, making this as close to one as you can get.
  6. Gordie Howe will sign a 10 day contract, come back and on his first shift, will beat Fleury glove side from center ice. He will then bestow his light saber of a hockey stick upon Z who will hoist it up toward the pantheon where Gordie, Stevie Y, Teddy, and Terry will be looking down approvingly. Z will then let out a piercing yawp and decapitate every Penguin in sight forcing them to forfeit the series as Mario Lemieux weeps over Crosby's scorched helmet. er, something like this...
  7. It's OK, Geno...That big, bad man in red can't hurt you anymore...He's going to a better place--the Hall of Fame.
  8. See, game 1 is important, but with a veteran presence like the Wings, it's not a must win by any stretch. The Wings are a team that has the capability to come on late in series' because they roll 4 lines all series long. They can win a war of attrition, which means Game 1 is just as important as game 3 or any other. Skill + intensity + sustained effort = win. The wings are the total package, and over a 7 game series, this will bear out.
  9. They do not suck so bad. That is all.
  10. See, to me, it's not JUST the health of our guys, but what's left in the tank in those who actually do take the ice. I'd suggest that the Ducks series took more out of our guys than the Caps series did out of the Pens. Not to mention that the Hurricanes mailed in their series v the Pens while the Hawks pressed for 5 games straight. What's left in the legs? The reason this is so important is that Detroit beat Pittsburgh to all the loose pucks and won all the 50/50 battles last year and this was the key to winning the series. Detroit is deeper and even more talented two-way than last year. But guys like Stuie and Kronner have logged minutes that are fit only for bionic men like Lidstrom. Does this affect them in this series? Game 2 will tell us what's left in the tank, as I'm sure all hands on deck will be flying on adrenaline for Game 1.
  11. Now that's a ballsy pick. I was gonna go with Lebda myself but punked out...
  12. Hudler, Franzen and Stuart get goals tonight. Wings pull it out 3-2.
  13. Watch these and you will be ready for tonight's assault... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuw7tcftAoU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-ax-0rOaOs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYXYRficKwc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ9RrHMTTbw
  14. Thanks to Dom for his classy and honorable Cup run this year and for his service to Hockeytown. Well done to one of the greats.