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  1. hockeyfreak_09

  2. Top 20 players

    Rory Fitzpatrick!!! lol.. 06-07 all star game
  3. Would you want Crosby on the Wings?

    ....and you know what your talking about
  4. Would you want Crosby on the Wings?

    I'm not saying that Crosby would fit on our team, but you sir no nothing about hockey.
  5. The love and hate of Sidney Crosby

    First of all Crosby and Ovechkin are both GREAT players. Yes, Crosby does whine whine quite a bit and doesn't fight in the fairest manner but it bugs the hell out of me when people say he SUCKS. I can guarantee that Crosby is a better hockey player then every single person that says he sucks. Go ahead, make signs that show him sucking on a soother (pacifer, whatever you call it) because he does whine alot but don't try to say he sucks. I don't mind some of Ovechkin's celebrations, maybe when he scores a great goal or something but after every goal he jumps into the glass and acts like it's the game winner in the SCF. What bothers me is when he scored his 50th. He put his stick on the ice and pretended it was on fire and he was cooling it off. He signaled for his teammates to come over and do it with him but they didn't want to embarrass themselves with something so stupid and just patted him on the head. It also annoys me when he does stupid stuff like hold his glove to his ear or sit on the ice after a goal and call his teammates over to him like hes the s*** and everyone should tend to him. And in regards to the mini-doc, about crosby just scoring rebound goals or empty netters. Crosby isn't a sniper like Ovechkin, but he's a great passer. Don't forget, Ovechkin is 2 years older then Crosby and at a young age 2 years can mean alot. Im not saying in two years Crosby will be a better player than Ovechkin or will be scoring more but just remember that. Either way neither of them are on the Wings so no Stanley Cup for them this year.
  6. Stick Questions

    A few corrections =) Dats/Filpula: RBK 9K "O- Stick" Hank/Lids: Easton Synergy Elite Hudler/Cleary: Easton Stealth S17 Samuelson: Solomon Evolution Lebda: Bauer XXXX Kronwall: Nike Bauer One90 Grip Homer: Warrior Kronik Draper: Warrior Dolomite Rafalski: Mission Fuel TI Not being a smart @$$ just letting you know
  7. What are you listening to? 2?

    The Good Left Undone - Rise Against :band: GREAT SONG!!! Ohh and can't forget I Kissed a Girl - Katie Perry LOL
  8. My name is Hank

    I'm not trying to be a smart @$$ or anything but actually Crosby does use a RBK stick now. It's a RBK Sickick Crosby Crosby
  9. Will Hossa make an impact worth the ca$h?

    I'm not saying he's a bad player or anything, but was he worth the 7.45 mill? IMO he better be at LEAST +35 goal man and make an impact to this team. He wanted to come to Detroit to win a cup but he better not be expecting to just hop on and do nothing to lift the cup next June.
  10. Are you really a wings fan?

    I think anyone that is on the message boards is a pretty big fan. I'm not saying that makes you a diehard but if your posting your opinions to others you should know what you are talking about.
  11. Hossa's Nickname

  12. Filppula's Closets

    lol thats what I was thinking
  13. A bit concerned to be honest...

    You spelled management wrong. That's about all I have to say about this. Detroit is a great team with great management and have proved it in the last fifteen years. You don't have to worry about them, we have great scouting and great minor league management. They can't be the best team in the league forever. Can they?
  14. Fischer at Practice!

    ya it;s great to see jiri out there!! Who is that in front of jiri???
  15. Osgood/Turco exchange If there are any good lip readers out there here's a link to the handshake. The Ozzie Turco shake is at about 2:05 Good Luck