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  1. Please don't sign a guy who has scored 646 goals, 1,599 pts. in his whole Hockey career. Please we didn't need goals in the playoffs. He can still score. Sign him to a one year deal with bonuses. Yes please don't sign him. We got Franzen......oh wait he gets hurt alot. He would score 35 plus with Dats on his line.
  2. Don't sign Franzen to a huge stupid ass deal. This could have happened. With Rafalski gone it could happen I hope.
  3. If they don't sign Franzen to a long term deal they couldn't have dealt him for Burns and a draft pick. Franzen has been horrible since the big signing. Don't know when he will show up. Wings need D bad. Holland could have had 5 picks in the 2nd round don't mean s***. All 5 picks could turn out to be s*** for the Franchise long term. It's is time for this team to get younger this season. Holland has to make some deals. Missed Brewer and Burns. Wish they kept Yzerman instead. At least he is trying to get Tampa better.
  4. No this team needs to get younger and as others had said he ain't no centremen.
  5. Funny thing is he could still reach 40 goals on a line with Dats or Zettie.
  6. Yes sign him then try and deal Rafalski. Get rid of Salei. Then sign Eric Brewer. This teams needs toughness in front of Howard. The Sharks series showed it two years in a row.
  7. This deal would have been nice. Didn't see this until now.
  8. Wings need to get tougher on D. Adding Brewer and Wisniewski would have helped in the Sharks Series. Also NHL Numbers has Franzen at $5,500,000 which makes more sense with the long term deal. CapGeek has him at $3,954,545.
  9. Let's all hope and pray he stays. He still our best D at 41.
  10. Good job Hudler you moron.....
  11. Dats carried this team all playoffs. He is the next Wings captain no doubt. Let's hope Lidstrom returns though. lol.
  12. Hudler was a huge disappointment and Ericsson is too. Holmstrom is terrible. Watching him try to stick handle is funny as hell. Salei was not interested in game 7 what I saw. Filppula and Franzen were not great at all these playoffs. 1 or 2 games don't count. This team needs a right handed centremen.
  13. Since Franzen signed the big contract he has been a floater and injury prone to much is not deserving his $5.250 next season.
  14. Wings have to start playing guys who want to skate. Roll with 3 lines or 2 lines. Then maybe guys will start getting it. Some are not competing. Modano-Datsyuk-Bertuzzi Zetterberg-Filppula-Cleary Helm-Hudler-Abdelkader Franzen-Draper-Holmstrom Wings got to get scrappier in front of NIEMI.
  15. I am getting pissed with him. Wings paid him too much and too long. He is hurt too much.