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  1. dont have that one?
  2. haha didt know you even had swedish commercials, that bud light commercial cracked me up as a swede myself! skillnaden är drinkability! ^^
  3. is there eny way to watch this event from a stream or enyting like that? id like to watch this
  4. hehe they realy should be singing the swedish nathional theme considering who plays in the team
  5. dosent work enymore.
  6. fun facts. Honken Trophy winner (SEL) 2002-03 Lundqvist, Henrik Lundqvist Västra Frölunda HC (now NYR) 2003-04 Lundqvist, Henrik Lundqvist Västra Frölunda HC (now NYR) 2004-05 Lundqvist, Henrik Lundqvist Frölunda HC (now NYR) 2005-06 Holmqvist, Johan Holmqvist Brynäs IF (now dallas) 2006-07 Ersberg, Erik Ersberg HV71 (now LA) 2007-08 Larsson, Daniel Larsson Djurgårdens IF (Detroit??) This looks promising hehe.
  7. as a Djurgården fan i´m very sad we lose a very good keeper, he was the reason we made it to the playoffs this year. *Edit* seen him many games this year so i know what im talking about. However if there is eny other team i would like to see him in its detroit, ( hey im from sweden) still i think it would be better form him (and me) to stay atleast one more year i the most succsesful club in swedish hockey.