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  1. TheMapman

  2. 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    Someone with more talent than I should take the picture from Back to the Future and do a disappearing Coyotes 'shop:
  3. "That's a reputation call... Sutherland blew it"

    No excuses, certainly. But that goal would have been huge. How much lighter in the ol' wallet do you think Babsy will be after that? $10k? $15k? Is there a "Red Wings Discount" (i.e. extra cost) for this? I knew everything was going to go to s*** when Bettman was in the house. Good metaphor for the league. Maybe he'll reinstate Phoenix in the playoffs so they can have an all-warm weather finals.
  4. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    (Prefaced with a non-jinxing IF both teams win their series) It's going to be a hell of a series, no matter what. The one thing the Wings have done very well this post-season has been rattling the other teams' goalies. If they can get to Fleury early like they got to Theodore and Turco, and Ozzie can stay solid with a few key saves each game, the Wings defense has to give them a slight edge. The Pens will have a ton of energy, but they will find out the same thing that teams playing the Wings have found out: teams have been physical against the Pens to stop them, just like they have against the Wings, when that just works to their advantage, since it opens the ice up. The Wings are better passers and roll four lines that are more capable of scoring, plus the Wings have the best first seven defensemen of any team in the league, plus two Selke finalists. The Wings are the best backchecking team in the league as well. The defense will be tenacious, and the offense can explode at any minute. Hopefully this series can showcase the "new" NHL and bring the sport some more attention. I expect the highest ratings in a while for the SCF, and I think the Wings will prevail in 6.
  5. Congrats Texas-LGW Members!

    The author did a nice job. My quotes sound good On the front page too. Didn't care for the U-Haul Army jab, but the truth hurts sometimes (gaze out the window of my office at the Comerica tower...)
  6. Out of town wings fans!

    Any Wings fans in Dallas? Looking to meet up with a few for the games at the AAC.