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  1. Mursak on waivers

    Hi, i know both Kopitar and Mursak. In junior leagues they played for rival teams. Both of them went abroad very soon, Kopi to Sweden and Jan to Czech republic. They played together for U20 Division I group A in Bled, Slovenia in year 2006 ... they were in the same line. They also played on several occasion with national team but this was the most important one. They are friends when they play hockey together, but not buddies in free time. Both of them are in home country for two-three moths. They use this time for their family and friends. For past two years Anze has a charity golf tournament, and one of the special guests is also Jan Mursak (photos are here: http://www.siol.net/data/fotogalerije/sportal/2012/07/kopitar_golf.aspx) About this waiver situation. My opinion is that Jan is NHL material. He was unlucky last year with his ankle injury. I think thay Red Wings fans hadn't have enough oportunity to see him play. Last year when he played with Holmström, he had 3-4 minutes per game. But you know, it's hard to play with Holm and it's hard to deliver something. In lockout he choose to stay in EBEL league. He played against Vanek, Clarkson, Enström, Myers, Grabner... and he was the best by far. Again in Detroit ... first match and unlucky injury. Other prospects and players. Tatar is good, definetly NHL material, also in great from lately. I don't like Andersson, i know that is only a few games, but he need to improve his perfomance to be regular. Nyquist, he was lucky last year that he got spot in top line. But with that kind of teammats he should perform better. Abdelkader, Emmerton, Eaves, Miller ... i don't see any future for them if they don't improve their game. Specialy Abe, one point in 17 games, has -6. I think that Holland and Babcock lost their vision lately. We lost our defence, we have Zetty, Pavs, (new Brunner) and bunch of old injured veterans who can perform if they are healty. I think that we don't have chemistry as we used to have. We had great third line Maltby, mccarthy and draper. Now we have lines that can't play with CBJ ... or Islanders. We need to start to build new team, we need good defensive players, then we can focus on ofence. I hope that Jan gets a chance. I'm certain that he'll be a good pick. If not, he can try next year. But with his quality he can be in every league in Europe. I think he would be interested for DEL, Swiss, Czech or Sweden. But n#1 choice still NHL
  2. Ed Belfour

    Norm Maracle signed for Tilia Olimpija (Ljubljana, Slovenia) in EBEL league (6 teams from Austria, 2x Slovenia, 1x Hungary, 1x Croatia).
  3. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    It was great season this year. They dominated whole season. They deserved Stanley, Pens couldn't match them at all. Both wins were lucky ones. Tonight we can dream, tomorrow starts new season
  4. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    great PK ... they are determined to win this match. They are not so nervous as last game (in the beginning) GO WINGS
  5. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    1 down, three to go
  6. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    Ufff, Zetterberg ... you should score that !!!!
  7. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    Ufff, what a chance Dallas still hopes for miracle ... but it can't happen against Detroit
  8. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    Dallas will be KronWALLED