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  1. ive never tried vista, but i love xp as many do... if you also have xp, id watch it on it, but may be possible to view it as good on vista with the correct winamp install.... sounds pretty much like a trial and error sort of deal, unless someone has vista and tried it... i started a thread for you on the computer forum about it, hopefully someone will post there thats experienced the same issue, and got it to work well.... heres the link if you want to keep an eye on it. http://forum.worldstart.com/showthread.php?t=123960
  2. youre welcome.... i have xp pro and it works pretty good, but i have an older computer, so thats really nothing to go by, as at times its choppy...i use medaplayer to watch them, never tried winamp for ther games, but it works fine for everything else.
  3. on LGW forum, i asked where i can see the verus games, i posted the link above. they said all the versus games will be on it.... mms://a1729.l2168647534.c21686.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/1729/21686/v0001/reflector:54953
  4. when installing winamp, in the install options, this link says to disable the sonic burning program and it will work fine.... http://www.vistax64.com/software/38223-ins...ing-winamp.html
  5. hi ryan... i belong to a computer forum, ill see if i can find out for you. maybe youll find out before i do..
  6. ty also redwingsgirl.... i have winamp and mediaplayer... ill try the first link and if it doesnt work for some reason ill try this one....
  7. ty teeman. saved that one too.
  8. thanks gordie for the link... ive tried psp before and also found other programs are needed as well....
  9. thank you much nero!!!!... appreaciate it.
  10. hey everyone.... just registerd here... im in alabama and have a question. hope someone can help....starting to get into redwings, sport is very interesting. anyway, i was hoping to see tonights game online, but i just noticed on a link dawings gave me, {that ive been able to see games in the past with}, under the scheuled game time to the right it says video only viewable in canada....i would really like to see this game... heres the link i got from dawings thats worked before to see them online.... http://www.hockeywebcasts.com/stanleycup2008.php will it work for tomorrow night even though it says that? if not, does someone here have one that will? if this one wont and someone hasd one viewable in alabama, id really appreaciate it...thanks. ....