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  1. GDT

    Crosby sucks. Overrated drama queen.
  2. they still suck
  3. Hard fought win. Looked like a loss but Franz + Datsyuk tied it. Good job. Much better than game 1 that is for sure. They were skating tonight.
  4. GDT

    If Cleary and Ericcson pick it up we will win a few. Maybe even squeak at the playoffs but that's all I see right now. Quincey was brutal.
  5. GDT

    luongo is good. allstar goalie. just at the wrong team.
  6. GDT

    Franzen and Filpulla for good offenseman.
  7. GDT

    i'll say it first. trade for Luongo!
  8. GDT

    better than the Islanders. may be the only bragging right this season
  9. GDT

    we'll see.
  10. GDT

    I think so. I'll be surprised otherwise.
  11. GDT

    it'll be close. pretty sure about that.
  12. this is bad. worst loss in long time.
  13. GDT

    i highly doubt it.
  14. GDT

    hopefully this season proves my theory that Filpulla sucks.