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  1. Are you kidding?
  2. 6 on 3 for 15 seconds. Is it possible to get 2 goals in 15 seconds?
  3. That was an ugly face by the ref haha.
  4. He's catching them as if this were baseball, haha
  5. No one says "You're Welcome," anymore. It's always, Thank You, Thank You. Not that it matters
  6. It's going to go right into the net and actually be sitting there, but the refs will still say no goal.
  7. Are you KIDDING me?!
  8. I love commericals =0
  9. Just about 7 hours
  10. So many tests wouldn't be needed if his headaches subsided. Could just be these stupid sinus infections going around. Game tomorrow YAY
  11. Ice is messed up, due to Global Warming =0
  12. GOAL That was niceeeeeeeeeee
  13. Did you see that soooo close SO CLOSE @_@
  14. Taking too long
  15. We need Dr. Gregory House to solve the case!