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  1. well, the rumor was true...the Wings signed him.
  2. I used Sony Vegas 7.0. Its hard to use at first but when you get used to it, you can do wonders
  3. I get to add another one to my collection! my favorite was the 1998 video
  4. a lot of it is, I added some clips, changed a few things around, and added music a lot of the clips I get are from TSN and the NHL website.
  5. I finished my 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Video. Check it out. Post a comment on youtube if you would like! hold on its crappy quality for some reason...I am going to re-upload it.
  6. I am trying to break away from the playoff topics, so I will ask this question Who would you like to see the Wings sign over the summer? Even though the Wings are about as perfect as an NHL team can get these days, it is always fun to think of who you would like to see play for the Wings. One free-agent-to-be that I think would add a butt-load of depth to our offense is Antoine Vermette of the Ottawa Senators. He is pretty underrated as far as 2nd liners go. I could see him on a line with Franzen and Filppula easy. Another free-agent that would be cool to get back is Jason Williams. He has had a pretty good season with the Hawks this year and I think he is only going to get better. He already knows how we play so we wouldn't have to worry about him adjusting to our unique playing style. There are no UFAs defensemen that stand out to me as a REALISTIC trade. I think that we should just work on resigning Stuart.
  7. THey interviewed Roberts about it after the game, and he said that Franzen put his shoulder into him, so Roberts put his shoulder back into Franzen, and his shoulder caught is head. He must have a oddly shaped shoulder. Either that or his human anatomy teacher back in high school was huffing glue.
  8. yeah I didn't watch the interview but I read it online. I laughed my ass off.
  9. Someone asked for a highlight video of just Kronwall hits in these playoffs. I found a cool little TSN segment talking about him and his new found ability to lay people out that I thought you guys might like. enjoy
  10. I thought they were a lot more consistent. I wouldn't really say they called a GOOD game. They made some bad calls both way (a few crappy hooking calls) and they also didn't call a few they should have both ways. Thats all I really ask for though. I would rather have them not call penalties than call a bunch of crappy hooking calls.
  11. I thought we have Franzen through next season? We have Zetterberg just as long as Franzen. I think it is a more sure thing that we will resign Zetterberg before Franzen I would go with him.
  12. I found this online and I thought it was pretty funny.
  13. I agree with everything you said except for when you said Anaheim was the best defensive team in the league. I think that belongs to the Wings. Even our offense makes better defensemen than most other teams.
  14. He will play. This is do-or-die time. What are they saving him from? If we lose, he has the off-season to recover. If we win, he has the off-season to recover. They said they found nothing wrong with him so I don't see why he wouldn't play. If he doesn't want to play because it is too painful...well then he has no heart.
  15. that is why he is on ESPN