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  1. Classless, Tasteless, and really pathetic when it comes to being a fan.

  2. Stanley Cup Tickets on sale right now

    A buddy of mine owns a bar in Pittsburgh and he and some friends got 40 tickets in Detroit. I am gonna assume a lot of Pens fans got tickets and are willing to make the short drive to Detroit. Rest assured that there will be a very small Red Wings presence at the Pens game. Scalpers who see fans in the other teams garbage triple the price they sell to Pens fans for. There was a big story on that last week on the news. haha.
  3. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    Coolio....HAving a rah-rah guy in the locker room that has to keep the kids heads on straight is over-rated. If need be we have veterans like Gary Roberts and Gonchar for that reason. But remember, this was a team that was down 3-0 in Game 1 against the Rangers at home and came back to win it in the final minute of regulation. I think that some on here are not giving the Pens D the credit they deserve. They have shut down some of the very best goal scorers in the league this playoff year and so that is why I don't think the Red Wings offense scares them as much as some of you tend to think. Spezza, Heatley and when he came back Alfredson were shut down Jagr, Shanahan, Avery were shut down Briere, Umberger, Prospal were shut down
  4. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    Well....we will have to agree to disagree...I did not come on here looking for a fight, just for a healthy debate which has been clean and I appreciate that. You guys in Detroit are a class act. And I guess we wait and see who is right. I hope the best team wins!
  5. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    You all may be right. The Pens have over-achieved this year and at this point...I'm not sure they know whats about to hit them when they play Detroit. That may be good or bad for Pittsburgh...who knows. Personally...I think if you take the Pens top 2 lines and the Wings top 2 lines...they are pretty even. Hell, I hope this is a yearly tradition in the Finals with you guys!
  6. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    Well...if you go win the will do so stopping 2 of the 3 best players in the world. Crosby-Malkin and mix up who goes where.
  7. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    I disagree with you guys. Hossa is one of the best 2 way players in the NHL. And if you keep thinking that the Pens defense is will be all of you who will be suprised. Also, the Pens have heard this more expience crap before. The Rangers were banking on their experience to carry them to the confrence finals. They thought Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez and Straka would overwhelm the young Penguins. This team is extremely skilled on both offense and defense.
  8. Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

    Hello Everyone, I decided to post after reading some posts on here and I must compliment all of you on your insight and knowledge of the game. I must admit that the Red Wings are my second favorite team in all 4 sports. I really found a new appreciation for Detroit after the Super Bowl a couple years back where Detroit felt like "home." That being said, I am a die hard Pens fan as you are die hard Wings fans. With both teams us 3-0, I think it's a given that we will meet in the finals. Without being bias I think the series breaks down like this: Offense: EVEN- I think that the Crosby-Hossa-Dupuis and the Malkin-Malone-Sykora line are 2 of the best in the NHL with as much firepower as anyone in the league. That being said Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Cleary and Holmstrom-Draper-Samuelsson are just as explosive. I see a very even series on offense. I may have to give a slight advantage to Detroit because of their experience. Jordan Stall is 19, Evgeni Malkin is 20, Sidney is 21. Defense: DETROIT- Even though this is close as well, advantage because of Lidstrom. He is clearly the best offensive d-man in the league. I am not really familiar with the rest of the guys but with the way you guys play, I think they are a solid bunch. I am going to say now though...Gonchar, Whitney, Orpik and Gill may surpise you. The Rangers and Flyers had star power and were totally shut down by us. The conception among most is that Pittsburgh is weak on defense but, that is not fair. Goaltending: EVEN- This may not be popular. However, Flurey is 11-1 in the playoffs and playing his best hockey right now. He is finally living up to his billing as the number 1 overall pick a couple years back! Osgood is a fantastic goalie as well and so I think this is even. Special Teams: PENGUINS- On the PP, the Pens are flat out deadly. Crosby-Malkin-Hossa-Malone-Gonchar are on the firstline and they make teams pay on the PP. The Pens PK isn't bad either. They are killing close to 90% of the opponents PP in the playoffs. Overall, this will be a series for the ages. I hope for everyones sake it goes 7 games. I thank you all for allowing me to put in my 2 cents on this board. Good day to you all.