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  1. Penguins will dismantle due to cap space

    They'll have Tangradi next year. They also have a lot of good defensive prospects in Wilkesbarre. BL was a +45 this year.
  2. To the Pens fans

    Now I know how you guys felt last year. Thank you for the kind words. See you again next year around the same time.
  3. One thing I am just sick of from everybody

    4 + the entire Red Wings bench.
  4. One thing I am just sick of from everybody

    People will not shut up about officiating because Versus, Eddie O, and NBC, pound missed calls by the officiating crew into your head all game long.
  5. Wings Tired

    ------------------------------------------ 'Zack is Great' Uhh.... you don't "rebuild" after making it to the Stanley Cup finals. This is the exact same team that won it this year, and will be the exact same team for the most part next year. Also, the only reason Pittsburgh even has that youth is because they sucked for most of last decade and this decade, and almost got moved to Kansas. Now, do you really see the Wings ever considering moving to Kansas? gtfo. 'BleedRed&White' Youth you say? Didn't our AHL team put us up 2-0 in the first place? 'mule' By going with a "youth movement like the Pens did" do you mean tank for 5 years and pick up as many high first round picks as they can? 'Jaymz99' You know what, you're right. I say we find our own douchebag that whines ALOT and make a team out of 2 guys that, if they were injured like Pavs, the team completely falls apart and nothing gets done. That is a great idea. Looking forward to talking to you after the playoffs. Until then, keep it classy. 'Reds4Life' Pens got Malkin only because they sucked for a very long time and they got Crosby because the league wanted to save the franchise. Definitely nothing to be proud of. 'dat's sick' If the schedule for the finals hadn't been the biggest f***up in sports history, the Wings wouldn't be this tired. Close a series in 5 games and get 2 days rest? WTF. And I'd like to see where the Pens would be if Malkin was injured. There's a reason Datsyuk is nominated for MVP, and it isn't that he's not important to the team. 'Snazzy' Whoa! This is definitely sig worthy 'cusimano_brothers' Does that include having to go to the bring of bankruptcy? 'GoWings1905' Oh you mean sucking for years and getting the top draft pick multiple times? 'YoungGuns1340' You mean sucking ass in order to rack up a handful of Top 3 picks? No thanks. But its good to see the only way the Pens can be competitive is through 1st and 2nd overalls. 'Frozen-Man' :caution: And should the Wings win tomorrow night against the slightly younger and overpaid (comparatively to Detroit's stars) I guess they can tank for a few more years so that they can get some more 1st and 2nd draft picks, they obviously don't have the ability to draft well deep or entice free agents (just ask Hossa ). If in your opinion it is "game over" if the Pens win (and that wouldn't even win the Cup) what will it be for the Pens they will be down to the Wings again and lost last year - sooooo who should rebuild. Seriously though, you are the first and only moron that I have ever heard float this idea concerning the Wings. Good job guys! Way to let him get under your skin and give him exactly what he wants. Why some people have such a hard time ignoring others on the internet is beyond me.
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins advance to Stanley Cup Finals

    There's no doubt about it that it will get tight. Luckily we have some strong prospects.
  7. Pittsburgh Penguins advance to Stanley Cup Finals

    I don't consider $4M a lot for a two-way player that nets 20+ goals and close to 50 points a season at 20 years old, playing with Tyler freakin' Kennedy and Matt Cooke. The Penguins have made it to the cup finals for the second straight year centered by a 22, 21, and 20 year old. Only good things will come when these players hit their prime. But wait, that's right, we're going to become the train wreck known as "Tampa Bay".
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins advance to Stanley Cup Finals

    You were not talking about winning a cup, you were saying staal is "overrated at defense" and "overpaid", which age is relevant. You can take your hands down from your eyes now.
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins advance to Stanley Cup Finals

    Why was Datsyuk in his third season (the same as Staal is currently) a -3 on the year? While Staal was a +5? ...And Datsyuk had 19 more points than Staal. You're right, Staal's a bum. Trade the 20 year old.
  10. Pittsburgh Penguins advance to Stanley Cup Finals

    Staal - 20 years old (Start of NHL at 17 "81 games played that year") Filppula - 25 years old (Start of NHL at 21 "4 games played that year") Helm - 22 years old (Star of NHL at 20 "7 games played that year") Draper - 38 years old (start of NHL at 19 "3 games played that year") Zetterberg - 28 Years old (Start of NHL at 22) Datsyuk - 30 years old (Start of NHL at 23) Hossa - 30 years old (Start of NHL at 18 "7 games played that year") Maltby - 36 years old (Start of NHL at 21) Cleary - 30 years old (Start of NHL at 19 "6 games played that year") I would hope your forwards are at a higher level than a 20 year old.
  11. Ovechkin's hit on Gonchar

    I have defended Ovechkin up until seeing this video. It's a different angle and I will say without a doubt now, this is a dirty hit. This video clearly shows movement of the leg and intent of taking out Gonchar's leg. 3:00 mark
  12. Ovechkin's hit on Gonchar

    I can't wait to hear what Don Cherry has to say tomorrow. His Ovechkin hate will reach new heights.
  13. Ovechkin's hit on Gonchar
  14. Ovechkin's hit on Gonchar

    Supposedly he could have came back in, but they're being cautious with him. That's the rumor circulating around right now, supposedly from Bylsma's mouth.
  15. Poor Crosby / Double Standard

    But it's cool to play games with his name.