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  1. WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    Morning from Germany... even I'm very sad that the Wings didn't make it I'm much more proud of the team and how they fought back against the Sharks. My Red Wings flag will wave for another year in our garden, my 5 year old son (second name is Nicklas :-) will proudly wear his #5 jersey and I will explain to more people that this is the flag of the most successful NHL team over the last years. New try next year, hopefully with our captain who should end his carreer with a final ring Go Wings
  2. Parade on Friday

    Hi Folks, after we finally made it I would love to see the parade on Friday. Unfortunately, no channel 7 in Germany nor channel 7 on the internet. Can somebody please record the TV show and make it available for download? I'm pretty sure that at least the European Red Wings fans would be more than happy to see the celebrations in Hockeytown Cheers Klaus
  3. Looking for a '97 Stanley Cup Champs Locker room cap

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a '97 Stanley Cup Champs Locker room cap. If you have one to sell let me know. Cheers Klaus PS: Must be shipped to Germany!
  4. A question to the lucky Wings Fan's living in the US

    Hi Folks, let me introduce myself first: My name is Klaus and I'm living in the Frankfurt area in Germany... that's the bad news ;-) I'm a true Redwings fan for more than 15 years now, carrying a Redwings carflag along these days, even German people do not know what this is all about.. That's the good news :-) During the last 3 Stanley's I managed to be in the Detroit area but this time I wasn't able to come over because we have to take care about the next generation of German RedWings fans, a 20 month old baby boy... And here is my question to all of you folks: hoping that the Wings will get another Stanley this year, is there anybody who would be so nice and could purchase some souveniers like the "Official locker room" cap and send them over to Germany? I don't want anyone to buy the stuff by himself, if I will find somebody who is willing to send some stuff we will find a way how I can pay for the stuff and have it send to an address in the US. The big problem is that the shipping charges to Europe are extremly high, last time I checked the NHL shop, they asked for 70$+ to ship a single T to Germany.. 6 times more than the price of the T.... Ok, let's wait what will happen, looking forward to hear from you... LET'S GO RED WINGS!! Make it again.... Cheers Klaus