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  1. Dr Rosenrosen

  2. Robert Scuderi

    No doubt that's what the box score would indicate, but actually watching the whole series tells a different story. Only 2 of those goals were scored on Penguin ice when Pit could dictate matchups - a garbage goal in a blowout and a slapper on a bad change. Scuds wasn't on the ice for either. Is he worth $3M? No way. But the perception is that he had a great playoff run and shut down Ovechkin, true or not.
  3. Hossa wants 6million a year

    Chicago isn't out of the question either.
  4. Robert Scuderi

    That's what a great playoff run (including shutting down Ovechkin) will do for you.
  5. Robert Scuderi

    Sorry. Shero ain't gonna let him get away for $1.5M. The rumor is he's already offering $2M, but it's highly probably he'll get offers of $3M or more after July 1. It's going to come down to how much Scuds wants to stay a Pen. Most think he'll take the cash and no one can blame him.
  6. Creepy Crosby

    Fischler's pretty sharp. Not a lot of writers recognize that Guerin succeeded all expectations.
  7. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Saying it was dirty is certainly over the top. However, if Sid held, it was long after the interference had already taken place. If they weren't going to call it, Sid BETTER hold to keep Franzen from gaining an unfair advantage.
  8. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    It wasn't dirty, but it's a clear interference. He has every right to hold Sid up because Sid nicked the puck with his stick. But he's NOT allowed to go out of his way to do it, which he blatantly did. It wasn't anything more than they were getting away with all series though.
  9. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    No. But is he so terribly classless because it didn't occur to him while on pain killers during the greatest moment of his life? I understand the frustration, but I thought your fans were better than all this whining.
  10. Congrats, Pittsburgh... hope next time you have to earn it!

    Letting the classless posters (in the minority here) make asses of themselves.
  11. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Watch again. After Lidstrom shakes Dupuis' hand, he waits exactly 17 seconds before skating off. Synch it up to footage of Sid's interview and you'll see that Sid was still giving the interview at this time, and not celebrating with the coaches. He skated directly to Franzen as soon as the interview ended - Lidstrom was already gone. Who are the whiners now?
  12. Pittsburgh Penguins cap situation

    Before you try to teach, you should learn to spell.
  13. Pens salary next year

    I hated Therrien with all my being. now Shero needs to prove he's not a one-hit-wonder. He need look no further than the Wings organization for a model of how it's done.
  14. Pens salary next year

    true. it's gonna be tough and the farm system will have to produce. thank goodness they didn't sign Sid and Geno for Ovechkin money. They both could have gotten it.
  15. Marian Hossa, merged

    OP: not cool. Don't you remember how you felt last year at this time?