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  1. zetterberg_werewolf40

  2. "In My Own Words"

    I have the Datsyuk one stored on my computer already, because he's Christ on ice but will keep and eye out for Cleary. And Holmstrom96Screens, it's Homer? Who doesn't love the guy?
  3. "In My Own Words"

    Wow, first post, for sure. Does anyone know where I might be able to download/purchase the edition of "In My Own Words" with Tomas Holmstrom? I've been hunting for it for ages. I'm up here in the boondocks (Southern Alberta) and never got to see it when it aired. Thanks, hope you guys can help. ETA: Wow, I can't spell Sorry.
  4. Red Wing Motivational Posters

    It could be better, I guess.
  5. PHOTOS Red Wings leave for camp

    Nope, I'm doing it too. Especially Malts unpacking his "personnel" gear...never knew he had a posse.