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    I am currently studying mechanical engineering at UNB. Missing my friends back home very much. Home is Veracruz, Mexico.<br /><br />I love music, mainly gothic rock, punk, deathrock, ebm, industrial, some metal and some pop.<br /><br />My favorite colors are black, purple, red and neon green.<br /><br />I am also obsessed with silver Hershey's kisses and mohawks/deathhawks.<br /><br />If there's anything else you wish to know just ask. :)

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  1. Smack a Penguin!

    I also got 323.5. I'm still playing though!
  2. Members photos

    Yep. that would be me!
  3. Where is Hossa?

    Yeah. It's been a couple of games since I last saw him being super active and scoring. He really does need to step it up.
  4. Members photos

    I don't really know if this belongs here, so here goes nothing! My boyfriend and I were bored so we took some pictures. Yay? The last one is so goofy!
  5. Joe Thornton

    Honestly, you guys just need to connect on the PP. All the Sharks players need to step up, not just Joe (although he's obviously a big part of the problem). Right now the most telling stat is that the Sharks are 0-12 on the PP. Having a strong PP is pretty much the only way to beat a team like the Ducks so the Sharks need to find their power play quick!
  6. To all wings fans...

    I sure hope so! This year meant a lot to the Stars in terms of experience for their rookies. The Wings played really well and they deserved to win. If we do play against them next year, be prepared! I'm already excited for next year... it should be fun.
  7. Osgood/Turco exchange

    Agreed. People here need to just leave him alone. I mean, if I had lost the way they did I wouldn't of been so happy. As a goalie, it must be hard to lose a series because you'd always look back and think "I should've stopped that." Either way, I think he did an amazing job at giving the Stars some life in games 4 and 5. Finally winning in the Joe arena must've been something big for him and I expect him to do just as well next year.
  8. No More Respect for Turco

    Osgood isn't bad, but I think the Wing's success is mainly due to Franzen, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Lidstrom. Sure, he's proven himself, but mainly because of the awesome defense and the many goals Franzen, Zett, and Dats have had. Turco's had his ups and his downs. So has Osgood. On Wednesday's game Turco let in 1 of 34 shots, whereas Osgood let in 3 of 22 shots. Games 1 and 3 where a different story, though - Turco's save percentage was terrible. EDIT: I think Turco IS an awesome goalie. He has skills. But it's not just a goalie that makes a team, everybody is involved. No matter how great your goalie is if your team isn't playing like it should, then you have no chance of winning the cup.
  9. No More Respect for Turco

    I agree with everything you just said. Yes, it was a bad call. That was definitely a goal, we all know it. But the refs tried to give the Wings several opportunities to win it back and it just didn't happen. Dallas played good hockey yesterday and this should serve as a lesson. The Wings are a great team, but they are not invincible. They'll just need to play like they did in games 1-3 (Of course, as a Dallas fan I do want my team to win again!).
  10. Melrose opinon on the crease goal

    Yes, that gave Dallas momentum. But to be quite honest, I was also a bit terrified because I was expecting the Wings to want revenge and get their goal back. I was surprised when that didn't happen. I'm sure that this slap in the face will wake them up and they'll play like never before on Saturday. As a Dallas fan, I am quite scared. In the end, the best team will win.
  11. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    They are so cute!!
  12. Post Everytime You Look

  13. Members photos

    Purple is my favorite color...
  14. Post Everytime You Look

    I want to go home
  15. Post Everytime You Look

    I love food! Then again, who doesn't?