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  1. But on the very first page you wrote: What gives?
  2. In a shocking turn of events, another powerplay for the Sharks.
  3. Dats, I love you.
  4. Useless Oilers.
  5. Yes. I can't stand the shoot out anymore.
  6. How did Crosby outclass Ovechkin? He had 1 more point than Ovechkin in the 7 games and the Penguins had 15 more powerplays than the Capitals! Man, you're dumb.
  7. Atleast our fans don't get investigated by the FBI for making death threats against other players like Penguin fans do.
  8. Just because something that was posted that you didn't like, doesn't give you the excuse to troll. If you're like this when your team wins, I don't even want to imagine how much of a douchebag you would be in defeat.
  9. 87to71 is also the guy who was whining about Hossa's "slash" to Dupuis, even after it was revealed that Hossa didn't slash him. I won't hold it against the Penguin fanbase just because 87to71 is a complete moron.
  10. Nope. The Red Wings will win game 6 pretty comfortably.
  11. End this now.
  13. Please win this soon Wings. My heart cannot take this anymore.
  14. I'm pretty confident that the Wings will end it early. Just like Game 5 against Nashville.